Here's something to chew on....

Here's a little something to chew on this Sunday morning - From this list of oft mentioned candidates, which Republican do you like in the 2008 Congressional contest?

Which Republican do you like in the 2008 Congressional Contest?
Joel Dykstra
Dusty Johnson
Larry Russell
Shantel Krebs
Deb Peters free polls


Anonymous said…
How about none of the above? I like Jim Seward.
Anonymous said…
Is that our best? How about Dale Bell
Anonymous said…
PP, why do you list only east river people.

There are plenty of good folks from west river, but they always seem to slip your mind.
Anonymous said…
I agree, Seward would be super. In blogoland, Dusty will fair well but not sure how that translates to real world. He should be seriously considering all these factors.

Peters would wrap up at least one district out west. Although, she'd lose her own as a result. She'll be lucky to retain her legislative seat next year with her shenanigans. Come on...
Anonymous said…
Shantel not enough experience.
Never Larry Russell, i would not support him for anything.
Dusty is by far the best candidate and is known.
Deb has issues
Joel, hummmmm. just not sure.
Russell is as fake as Herseth.
Anonymous said…
Where are the west river people?

There are some names that PP seems to always leave off.

1. Rhoden
2. Bogue
3. Napoli
4. Hanks
5. Haverly

Why does PP only think that east river folks are electable?
Anonymous said…

As a democrat, I pray every night that you nominate one of those.
Anonymous said…
Why do we always keep seeing Krebs on these lists - this isn't a beauty pageant.
Anonymous said…
Dykstra? Heh, that's funny.

Might as well just hand the victory to the Dems.
Anonymous said…
1:11 - Napoli? Be serious. He couldn't survive that much exposure - he'd be certain to self-destruct.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Add them all together and you still don't have enough weight to add up to a single candidate. The inevitable result of the right wing driving out moderates. Nobody's left that can be a serious candidate.
Anonymous said…
Why is Shantel on all these lists??

Obviously you've never talked politics with the lady...she's incredibly intelligent and motivated.

Oh by the way Deb Peters just smoked everyone in her district!!
Anonymous said…
anon 1:11,
Which Bogue? Eric or Cheryl?
Anonymous said…
Larry Russell is the four of hearts on the Billionaires for Bush website. Now THAT'S the type of guy we need leading our state. Check it out at:
Anonymous said…
Deb Peters-R 3699 25.99%
Richard A. Engels - D 3568 25.07%
Elaine A. Roberts-D 3503 24.62%
Katy Dressen - R 3460 24.31%

Smoked? Not exactly, 8:14. 1.68% separated top from bottom in the four-way race.

Maybe people should be talking about Katy Dressen running for office. In a race that pitted her against two incumbents and a former legislator, she barely got nipped. She is an articulate lady, and obviously is willing to work hard.

Hadn't thought of it before I looked at the numbers, but she might be better than a lot of the people mentioned.
Anonymous said…
Katy is a very, nice lady! She would be a fine legislator.
Anonymous said…
Peters certainly did smoke everybody (.99%+ cushion). In fact, she should just skip all the foreplay talk about the house race and run for the gov's seat in 2010.

Peters/Haverly or Haverly/Peters doesn't matter whos on top of the ticket.

What do you think Deb?
Anonymous said…
Deb Peters....she talks to the Argus more then anyone out there....Katie Dressen.....She could be the next real deal....She should have won the last go round....I hope she tosses it in the ring one more time
Anonymous said…
Dusty Johnson is the only person on the list that could actually give Herseth a run for her money. Whether or not it's fair, Russell is tainted with the absentee ballot scandal, and he hasn't done anything since then to rehabilitate his public image. We don't want the first six months of our campaign to be a debate about whether or not he broke election law.
Anonymous said…
More Larry Russell bashing from the liberals. If they really thought he was a lousy candidate, they would ignore him. They won't underestimate him but they sure hope that we do.
Anonymous said…
Katy Dressen is impressive. But as I figure it, she spent $20,000 of her own money. Only about $9,000 shows up on the campaign finance report, but her interstate billboard would have had to have been leased for a year. Her picture was only on it about 3 months. Now there is a religious message of some sort on it.

The $$ listed on the campaign report wouldn't cover a year of the billboard. Most likely, the campaign was only billed for 2-3 months, and the other 9 months or so she's paying for out of pocket and claiming a tax deduction. Pretty expensive race to lose.
Anonymous said…
Someone told me to go on here and check all of this out. I actually got a deal on that billboard. 1/2 price for one month... $450.00 to be exact.

Folks, you just can't believe everything you read. :)

Thanks to all who made the kind remarks. I'm speechless.

I thoroughly enjoyed my campaign and meeting so many wonderful people. Even though I lost the election, I still felt like a winner, and who knows... I just might try it again.

Katy Dressen

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