Daugaard confirms again that he's in

Tony Mangan over at KCCR news posted a story this am that Lt. Governor Dennis Daugaard is definitely "IN" as a candidate for Governor less than six months after Governor Rounds started his second and final term of office:
Lieutenant Governor Dennis Daugaard confirms that he has started organizing his campaign to run for Governor in 2010.

Daugaard, a former state senator who is from Garretson, is the executive director of the Children’s Home Society of South Dakota. He says his main efforts so far have been to solicit both support and money from statewide Republicans.


Daugaard has served as the lieutenant Governor for Governor Mike Rounds for the past five years and Rounds has said that he will endorse Daugaard. But Daugaard says he also will have to be his own candidate running his own campaign.
Read it all here at KCCR News.


Anonymous said…
I love this guy, but announcing so early is a little overzealous, no?
Anonymous said…
No. Announcing this early will take some possible candidates out. Also, as to the candidates that will stay in, you want people to commit to you early before they commit to anyone else.
Anonymous said…
Hey PP, will you profile the big four gov candidates (potential and announced) at some point. I know the names and some of their stances, but I am not really sure who stands for what. I want to know who to support.
Anonymous said…
Here are PP's big four:

Lee S. (no pun intended)
Brock G.(no pun intended)
Lance/Larry R.(no pun needed-collectively one of the four)
PP said…
Kip, I think you're assuming a lot. Aside from the fact that most of that list has no interest in being gov, and the other one isn't talking about it yet.

Otherwise 2:42, I was thinking of doing that sometime in the near future. But then again, we're still 3 years out.
Anonymous said…
PuPu: Looks like you might have some choices to make; calling and lying to my ISP didn't work.

You can either let me post under my own name or you can require everyone to register so that you can deny service from your end. I don't care if you want to run from my calling BS on your political non-philosophy if you want to, but I will comment on them unless you can figure out a way to bar me from your end.

Did you get the Idi Amin doll yet?
Anonymous said…
Brock Greenfield. you bet. here's his campaign announcement:

"I thinks womens is too dumb to figure things out for themsefs. I and we and us will protects the dumb hos."
Anonymous said…
Newland is a lot like Sibson, the best way to deal with both assholes is to ignor them and take their posts off when they occur.Having said that I think the reason Daugie is getting out there is because Lee S. is working his butt off. Somebody ought to do a historical analysis of how many Lt. Gov's have been elected Governor. I'll bet not many.
Anonymous said…
Of course, maybe I'll just get tired of it and quit, too. Remember, though, you started all this.
PP said…
"pu pu" -

Aside from the fact that I would dispute that anything false was noted to your ISP, you're forgetting a few critical things here.

It's MY website. I can do what I want.

If I don't want you posting your medical marijuana propaganda (or worse) on an off-topic basis day after day after day here, I don't have to let you.

If I want to leave my comments open forever, I will.

If you abuse that privilege by spamming the website with things of a sexual or drug related nature, it will likely result in my continued griping to your ISP.

They're a private business as well. They can either choose to listen to me, or listen to their customer.

Eventually, they're going to get sick of one of us.
PP said…
And as I see you're spamming again, I'm complaining again.

Like I said, they're going to get sick of one of us.
Anonymous said…
I am aware of whose site it is. SDWC is the property of a fairly good communicator whose self-vision is somewhat skewed. You see plenty of consistency in your own opinions.

I am a blog "customer", if you will. Every time I shift a page on SDWC, there's one more view you can claim to your advertisers.

Your site is put forth as a place to exchange views. However, you seem to have singled me out to ban (which is ridiculous, because I posted under my own name; now I have to post anonymously).

You banned me, I believe, because I kept pointing out what I perceive as inconsistencies in your philosophy of government. I believe you invite such criticism by posting a blog.

I do like your line, "They're a private business as well. They can either choose to listen to me, or listen to their customer.
Eventually, they're going to get sick of one of us."

Now, that's clear thinking. It shows you can achieve it when you really try. So, I'll give you another chance. Let me post under my own name, without deleting my posts.

And then, maybe you won't have to be checking your last ten topics every ten minutes. I'm offering to be good. If you will.
Anonymous said…
My view - Daugaard didn't announce anything. He is honestly responding to questions. He could demur and say "I'm considering it" or "I'll decide later" but he is just being honest. Can't really be too hard on him for that.

And it'l not like Knudson and Schoenbeck aren't doing the same things - they are just less upfront about it. That's fine too, but it's up to them.
PP said…
4:48, You're assuming I have to do anything.

I made a policy decision on this website because of poor behavior on your part. And you're response is even worse behavior?

What you're doing right now is called harassment, or in this case, cyber-harassment.
Anonymous said…
But it sure is more entertaining than the last ten topic threads.
Anonymous said…
No, you don't HAVE to be good.
Anonymous said…
4:01 According to my quick calculation seven Lt. Governors have been Governor. That compares to six Attorney Generals becoming Governor.
Anonymous said…
That seven includes Miller but not Wollman.
Anonymous said…
PP, what you resist persists. By banning Bob you give him power. By ignoring him you marginalize him. Your approach is not well-designed to accomplish your goal.

You'd be best served to let Bob post, tolerating the off-topic stuff, and leave it up to the marketplace of ideas to judge the credibility and value of his comments.

As it is you've created a headache for yourself, and he's smart enough to walk the line legally. Phone calls to his ISP and references to "harassment" are just plain dumb. He's not doing anything wrong, and your threats are more than idle; they're pathetic. I'm sure he's got more time on his hands than you do, and you've set yourself up to lose. To Bob Newland.


Anonymous said…
"I made a policy decision on this website because of poor behavior on your part."

Are you sure you didn't overreact just a little bit?
PP said…
6:17, "the poster" is just looking for attention, and now he's got it. Only it's not the kind he wants.
Anonymous said…
Just spell my name right. It's not n-e-w-l-a-n-d, contrary to popular opinion; it's a-n-o-n-a-m-o-u-s-e.
Anonymous said…
Maybe a-n-o-n-a-m-o-u-s-e can be a test case for 22-19A-1.

Stalking as a misdemeanor--Second offense a felony. No person may:

(3) Willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly harass another person by means of any verbal, electronic, digital media, mechanical, telegraphic, or written communication.

A violation of this section constitutes the crime of stalking. Stalking is a Class 1 misdemeanor. However, any second or subsequent conviction occurring within ten years of a prior conviction under this section is a Class 6 felony.
Anonymous said…
If posting spam is a violation of 22-19A-1 ...

... then I'm going to start filing complaints about the 100 or so junk emails per day.
Anonymous said…
yeah. right.
Anonymous said…

Thanks for keeping that lunatic Newland off your site. I'm surprised he's not in prision.

Dennis is certainly working hard, but I don't think we will be stupid enough to hire another moron as governor.
Anonymous said…
Wait a minute. You can say what you want, but a person who works at the children’s home society, raises his children in a good way, loves his wife, was raised by deaf parents, and worked his way up to Lt. Gov. ......is NOT a moron. Ted Kludt and the rest of the Peanut Gang are morons. Get it straight.
Anonymous said…
7:38 -

Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but I'd be interested to know how you came to consider Daugaard a "moron." My experience is that he is a smart, conscientious, and well-grounded man.
Anonymous said…
anon 7:38 said,
"I'm surprised he's not in prision."

Unlike you, he's smart enough to know how to spell "prison."
Anonymous said…
the nasty comments about the Lt Gov are both inappropriate and inacurate. I had the pleasure of serving with him for four years, and always found him informed and the source of good counsel.
PP said…
7:38, I's have to disagree. Dennis is not a dullard or anything of the sort. For gosh's sakes, he built his own house, in addition to being an attorney.
Anonymous said…
pupu nemesis (BOB)

Why don't you start your own blog? I happen to agree with you on some issues but I, for one, like this site better when we all try to stay on the specific topic.

I'm sure many of us would visit your site, if you had one, if for no other reason than to discuss issues important to you on your own turf.

Commandeering another site, just because you can, won't help you score any points.

'Nuff said
Anonymous said…
Hey, everyone look! Lee's playing nice! It must be a blue moon.
Anonymous said…
This guy alligned himself with Rounds and has been the lap dog for one of the most inept administrations in the history of our state. Either he has had no voice in this administration or he has ownership. Which is it? My guess is that he'll try to have it both ways, but if you are in for a penny, you are in for a pound. Does he agree with the nepotism and incompetence in Pierre or doesn't he? I can't wait to hear the answers.
Anonymous said…
"Either he has had no voice in this administration or he has ownership. Which is it? My guess is that he'll try to have it both ways, but if you are in for a penny, you are in for a pound."

My guess is that Daugaard is proud to have been a part of the Rounds administration - Your satement is based on the flawed assumption that yours is the majority view.
Anonymous said…
For all the nay sayers;

ell me which govermental elected official that you have agreeded with 100%????

I bet not to many of you! It does not matter wich are you are with or evven if you are not aligned with a party.

It is human nature, so don't try to spin the issue.

Dennis has his own record and I am sure he can defend any vote or statement.

Lee S. has his own record and will defend it as well.

I have not met anyone who agrees 100% with anybody and that even includes couples!

Anonymous said…
Post 10:13 AM: "one of the most inept administrations in the history of our state."

Really? I didn't know that! I guess I missed the uproar in the State newspapers. I guess I missed the uproar from the good citizens of South Dakota!

I recall seeing a poll in which Governor Rounds was the leader in possible U.S. Senate candidates. Were those numbers wrong?

The minority opinion always has a chance to comment on this blog. I just hope you realize that you do have the "minority" opinion concerning Governor Rounds!
Anonymous said…

Please reference specific cases of nepotism for all of us to consider. It's easy to spew bs, but harder to back it up.
Anonymous said…
You're right vj. Gov. Rounds has consistently had one of the highest popularity ratings of any Governor in the nation.

The libs who like to take cheap shots on this blog are scared to death that queen Stephie's reign could be cut real short if Rounds decides to run.
Anonymous said…
I don't think any libs would be one bit scared about a Rounds/Herseth Sandlin race. She would clean his clock. He does not have a solid base of support. He does have one freak election, followed by running against a seventy-year old man from Sioux Falls who had absolutely nothing to offer but criticism about abortion. Get real.

I would like to see the campaign, though. It would be entertaining to watch her eat his lunch. She would be the conservative candidate, other than on the issue of abortion.
Anonymous said…
9:37 - You may be right about a Rounds/Heserth Sandlin race. It would obviously be close and you cna make an argument either way. But I think you'd agree that Rounds is exceptionally popular, and Daugaard is not hurt by his association to him.
Anonymous said…
9:37 is a classic example of why liberals are so mean-spirited.

They think they're just a bit smarter than all the rest of us, and have it all figured out.

Then, when reality reaches out and slaps them in the face - like what would happen in a Rounds/Herseth election - they get mean and whiny all at the same time.
Anonymous said…
I don't think it would be that close. People don't like it when someone runs for higher office mid-term or does not complete a term of office.

The democrats appear to like Stephanie as do most of the general public. On the other hand, conservatives do not trust Rounds and would not break their neck for him. He's gotten lucky so far, but Stephanie is nothing like what he's faced in the past.
He'll stay put because he knows he can't win that race.
Anonymous said…
Dennis is a wonderful person and I wish him well on his race. Since everyone seems to be an armchair politician these days, here are my three pieces of advice for his term in office, should he win:

1. Run your own campaign and when you win, be your own governor. It seems Rounds has used the Mickelson guide to being governor and while that's not a bad thing, he will never be known for having his own vision.

2. Once in office, please hire staff with experience. While I agree we need to keep young people on the state, the Governor's office shouldn't be a place for on the job training.

3. Don't lead by consensus. The governor is elected lead. That means making the tough decisions - even when they might be unpopular. Our current governor is so worried about upsetting someone that nothing gets done.

There are many qualified candidates either thinking or committed to the 2010 race. It will definately be an interesting one to watch.

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