Frank is miffed. And it's time to launch into a miffive.
Sorry, "missive"

The headline in the Rapid City Journal noted this morning how a legislator is miffed over high gas prices. Which of course meant it was time for a totally useless press release:

State Sen. Frank Kloucek, D-Scotland, has asked the state's congressional delegation to immediately start a congressional inquiry into dramatic price increases for gasoline and other fuels.

He also said wholesalers should be monitored to prevent illegal ethanol blending.

Read it all here. Predictably, the entire congressional delegation has ignored him. Why do I think we're seeing this? Because it's an easy, non-intrusive way to fulfill a campaign promise as made on the Frank for Senate Website:
From working for more jobs to helping ensure more quality jobs in every town in District 19, from flooding and drought relief to fighting for better prices for our ag producers and lower gas prices, your issues are my issues!
Read that here. If we go look at the legislative record for this "Rebecca Dunn Leadership Course Graduate" (as per his website), I don't notice a single bill he's primed since his last election that has anything to do with gasoline prices.

But hey, the promise has now been fulfilled. Onward to the next election!


Anonymous said…
You know who would solve this problem? The Monkeybot Overlords would solve this problem. Submit NOW!!!!
Anonymous said…
Frank, I'm pissed about the rising costs of hamburger and cereal at the grocery store. It is also becoming more and more difficult for me to afford corn to feed my cattle. I used to want higher corn prices, but now I find myself complaining that it's happened. It's also been raining too much where I live. Oh, and the cost of postage is outrageous.

Could you please call on Congress to investigate those things? Don't let them B.S. you with arguments about "increased demand" or "supply shortages" or "acts of God" or "increased costs to the postal service." Go get 'em Frank. Lord knows you don't have anything else to do.
Anonymous said…
O Frank is Frank. If he can write a press release he will.
If he thinks it will help him get people to vote for him.
Do you really think anything is going to come from Frank sending this out...

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