I think it just might happen. Thompson coming closer to a decision.

According to a national AP story this morning, it sounds like former senator Fred Thompson might be deciding to finally pull the trigger. I don't know why, just because polls show him in second or third place by not even saying he might be interested?
Numerous signs point to a Thompson candidacy, and a summertime announcement is widely expected, although people close to him caution that he has not made a final decision about running.

Never mind that he basically already is.

Thompson is hiring staff, speaking to conservative groups, writing online columns on topics of the day and staking out positions on issues like the Senate immigration overhaul. He also is testing his pitch on the Internet.

"It's important to the future of this country that (Republicans) have somebody that can win in November," Thompson said in a recent online interview. "People are looking for somebody who can talk straight to them. That's what I hope I bring to bear."

His expected entrance into the already crowded GOP field could dramatically shake up the wide-open race but it's unclear who among the strongest contenders, Rudy Giuliani, John McCain (news, bio, voting record) and Mitt Romney, would be affected the most.

Not yet a full-fledged candidate, Thompson has found himself competitive with them in national popularity polls. That's likely due in part to his acting role as district attorney Arthur Branch on NBC's popular drama "Law & Order."

Conservatives who make up a big part of the GOP base have found fault with Giuliani, McCain and Romney for varying reasons and for months now have been searching for a candidate to embrace.
Read it all here.

As someone hanging out at the grassroot level, I'd argue that with the possible entry of Thompson on to the playing field, there's finally a candidate that we can sink our teeth into. Well known, able to present well to an audience, political "street cred," and not having serious handicaps such as three wives, and deeply held convictions that changed when he decided he was running for president.

Fred Thompson as a possible Republican nominee? It's about time.


Anonymous said…
I'd be interested in a Fred Thompson candidacy if only to shake up the logjam of other entries in the current race. If Rudy, Mitt and McCain had their positions challenged by a new candidate maybe there would be a choice. Right now it seems that its a choice between vanilla, New York vanilla and vanilla with mole' sauce. Why not a little southern bbq along with the vanilla!
Run, Fred, run!
Anonymous said…
Too bad Fred is a pro-abort. There goes the base.

Go Brownback!
Anonymous said…
I guess the only one who can get it done is Jeb Bush. We love bush, and can't live without it. Come to our rescue Jeb!!!
Anonymous said…
One of the things that bothers me about national politics is the idea that a "litmus test" must be passed before any candidate is considered. Whether its abortion, gun control, Iraq policy, education, global warming or something else it seems that the candidate in question has to pass that test to be even considered. If everyone just looks at one issue then the whole field is a goner since the "big tent" becomes a pup tent with the one issue candidate and the supporter hugging each other to death.
Maybe someone else has a different take on things (and I believe they will step up to the plate and let me know the error of my ways) but that's JM2CW.
Anonymous said…
I believe that there is little support among the American public for another Bush conservative. The polls are showing, however, that Rudy would win almost all of the swing states in the general election.

While there is not a staunch conservative among the top four Republican candidates (including Thompson), there are a couple of them that are faking it.

"Run to the right in the primary and run to the middle for the general election." Richard Nixon would be proud of them. And nobody is sprinting like Romney.
Anonymous said…
I also wish there that a real conservative was running. (Tancredo is the only candidate who has the b---s to take a hard line on illegal immigration, which I believe is the most important issue we are facing. Would love to see Newt run, but who knows?). At this point, virtually no other GOP candidate other than Rudy can get the crossover and independent votes that will decide this election. So GOP, WAKE UP. We are probably gonna have to settle for somebody who has a chance to win. if you don't want Hillary to be our next Prez. I know, I know. Rudy is wrong on abortion and gay rights. But he is right on what matters to me -- homeland security, defense, law and order, fiscal responsibility. Some GOPers are saying they will stay home in 2008 is Rudy is the guy. That would be a disaster.
Anonymous said…

Where would PP pp?
Anonymous said…
You ought to delete 11:40, PP.

Bunch of crap that has nothing to do with the post and nobody cares about. Throw that garbage in the trash where it belongs.
Anonymous said…
Why does Thompson get a pass from conservatives on abortion? Come on PP, tell me you know he supports abortion rights.
Anonymous said…
For those who are saying that Fred Thompson is pro-abortion you need to watch this interview. Wait until the 4:00 mark when they start a "lightning round" of questions on where Thompson stands.

Anonymous said…
You mean Thompson is flopping around like a fish like all of the other candidates? They all sound like John Kerry. They were for it until they were against it.

Just trust them all when they tell you that this time they REALLY mean what they say.

But as for me, when I want to predict future actions of any of them, I'll look at their past words and actions.
Anonymous said…
What is this crap about pot dong on this thread? Noticed the same spam on some of the other threads. Knock it off!
Anonymous said…
pot dong?
Anonymous said…
I don't mind a little spam from time to time as long as you keep the anonymous posting going. Anonymous posting is the only thing that makes you different from the other blogs.
Anonymous said…
fred thompson a few years ago said he was pro-abortion. these days, he says he's anti-abortion. he needs to address the change in position.

if newt's sincere about his regret and repentance over his adultery, he would be a great candidate.

until then, for me i stand with gov. rounds' man huckabee.

Anonymous said…
lexrex 9:54,

any evidence of being pro-abortion?
Anonymous said…
Thompson in 1994.

In the interview, Thompson was asked: “Some conservatives got flustered by your comments on abortion and Roe vs. Wade. Would you like to explain your position on abortion?”

Thompson answered: “Government should stay out of it. No public financing. The ultimate decision must be made by the woman. Government should treat its citizens as adults capable of making moral decisions on their own.”

Nicole said…
The time in our country where a truly conservative candidate can get elected has come and gone. Republicans should select the candidate who is strong on defense because without this, the other issues don't seem to matter all that much. Rudy is the only realistic chance.

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