At least someone had a little restraint.

Unlike the Argus, the Rapid City Journal is noting on Mt. Blogmore tonight that they had heard the Sahr story but preferred to have facts as opposed to allegations when they chose to write on the topic:

You’ll find some of the story on the Journal website tonight, and in the “print product” tomorrow morning. But it only says that Sahr, the chairman of the state Public Utilities Commission, had announced Tuesday that he would not seek reelection this fall.

Sahr also said his announcement was prompted by rumors that he would prove to be untrue over time. We’ve heard a lot off the record from a variety of sources about what these rumors may involve. But we haven’t heard anything on the record, beyond official no comments. And until we get a lot more than that, we hesitate to fire the rumor mill.

Read it here.


Anonymous said…
Like mighty Caesar on the Ides of March, our fallen hero has only to look to those closest to him to see where the knives are hidden.

"He's honorably decided -- for the sake of the Republican Party -- not to go through the convention with that hanging in the air," said State Sen. John Koskan, who announced Tuesday he would attempt to succeed Sahr on the commission.

Ah, yes. They are ALL honorable men.
Anonymous said…
How interested would Koskan have been if he wasn't going to loose his race. Who does he owe for this?
Kelsey said…
Anon 5:59--My thoughts exactly when I read that quote.

Et tu, John?
Anonymous said…
It couldn't have happened to a better guy!
Anonymous said…
We need one of our bright young Republican women, i.e. Deb Peters, running for PUC.

Let's kick the backstabbers to the curb and look to our future.
Anonymous said…
it's good to see that ya'll thought Sen. Koskan was going to lose his race..

Just wondering though, when did the votes get counted in his general that makes you think this?

It's kind of a crappy deal when the ACLU comes in a screws up a district as badly as they did. THEY disinfranchised the indians worse then the state.
mjb said…
11:21 - Let's kick the backstabbers to the curb and elect Deb Peters? That's like the pot calling the kettle black.

She's well acquainted with using knives as she tries to claw her way to the top of the heap.
Anonymous said…
Yes, but her claws are clean in the Sahr deal.
Anonymous said…
anon 12:14 huh???
Anonymous said…
11:31 are you whacked? We don't need to see the votes to know Koskan is through in the new district. 53% dem, 37% GOP, running against Julie Bartling. This one was called the minute Bartling won her primary.
Anonymous said…
seeing as Bartling is being ripped apart by her own party (dems) I think it would be a close race. And who is to say everyone that is registered Dem is going to vote that way?

call me crazy but stranger things have happened.
chipanddaisy said…
I believe the only place the Argus Leader needs to look for a little more Sahr information is to their former mayor.
Nicholas Nemec said…
Anon 2:40
Bartling is being ripped apart by her party? She had a primary in a new district. Some Dems supported her, some supported one of her opponents. She won. I've heard of no Dems saying they wouldn't support her in the general election.

I served with John Koskan in the legislature. He is a nice enough guy to visit, a bit of a technocrat and good enough at math to read the writing on the wall. His race against Bartling would have been uphill all the way.

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