Stan's Golden Parachute

Don't feel too bad for State Senator Stan Adelstein's loss in the State Senate. Because Senator Stan has not left the building yet. Aside from being courted as a potential Democratic Candidate for Lt. Governor, the Rapid City Journal is reporting that he's a wanted man.

Well, at least he has some land that's wanted. Senator Adelstein is apparently in negotiation with the Department of Game, Fish and Parks to sell some land for a new GFP facility. That is, if State Law will allow him to do so:
South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks Department officials are waiting for an opinion from Attorney General Larry Long on whether they can begin negotiating with state Sen. Stan Adelstein to buy land for an outdoor learning center in Rapid City. Adelstein's property covers 30 to 40 acres west of S.D. Highway 79 across from the Hills Materials quarry in northwest Rapid City. GF&P Secretary John Cooper said Monday that the land would be an ideal location for the outdoor-learning center, a multimillion project that would also include a new GF&P regional office and shop.

But before negotiations with Adelstein even begin, a legal question must be answered about a state agency buying property from a member of the Legislature, Cooper said. That's why he sought an opinion from Long.

"We think that's going to come through in the next week or so," Cooper said of the opinion. "It could say we're free to negotiate, or it could say this would be a conflict of interest and we have to wait until a year after he leaves office."

Adelstein lost to challenger Elli Schwiesow in the District 32 Republican state Senate primary June 6. But his term runs through the end of the year, and Cooper said state statute appears to limit former legislators from doing business with the state for a year after they leave office.

If Long's opinion says that GF&P must wait for a year from next January to negotiate with Adelstein, it would be a significant setback for the outdoor learning center plan.

But the site is so appealing and Adelstein is so supportive of the project, Cooper said, it might be worth the wait.
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scimitar said…
So that's how Rounds is buying Stan's loyalty - with the promise of taxpayer dollars!!

When Rounds demanded to be taken out of the commercials of his largest contributor - Stan - it should have been Adelstein's clue that he had been kicked to the curb. Yet Stan remains a loyal Rounds supporter despite being courted by Billion. Now we know why.

We're all going to pay through our taxes to keep Adelststein from bolting out of the party that doesn't want him.

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