Democrats look at wooing another Mainstream Republican

The Democrats love the Mainstream Coalition founders so much, the Rapid City Journal tonight has an article about how Jack Billion considered taking on Stan Adelstein, a founding member of the group, as his running mate:
State Sen. Stan Adelstein of Rapid City was among a small group of Republicans that gubernatorial candidate Jack Billion considered as his running mate before choosing fellow Democrat Eric Abrahamson. "I visited with Stan. We had some discussions," Billion said Thursday, declining to offer details.

Billion said he ended discussions with the Republicans when he learned that they would be required by state law to switch parties to run on the Democratic ticket.

"We stopped talking when we found that out," he said.

Adelstein confirmed Thursday afternoon that Billion had contacted him about the lieutenant governor's spot.

"I guess Jack Billion knows a good man when he wants to talk to one," Adelstein said. "It was flattering to have a chance to talk about it. But I was with Rounds from the beginning, and I'm going to stay with him."
(Jack Billion knows a good man when he wants to talk to one? Baarrrfff. So much for hubris.) Read it all here if you can keep your stomach from rolling.


Repub 1 said…
just let the J.P. Duniphans, and Adelsteins go back to the RC Chamber of Commerce meetings and continue thier plans to take over the world.

Now Stan has time to go get a photo of himself with W. and use that in his next campaign.
Repub 1 said…
Attention Joel Arends(where ever you are) it's safe for you to come back into the Capitol buidling, J.P. has left the building...
PP said…
Big props to Joel A.!

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