11:30 update - we're at the slow part of the program.

The gentleman from RNC is showing a powerpoint presentation at the moment, so this is a good time to do some blogging.

All of the speeches went well, no surprises or challenges, and each of them were presented with a check for the first $5000 that the GOP will be putting into the campaign. Pictured above is Rich Sattgast giving his acceptance speech (Rich - you were supposed to give the SDWC props)

I've got to cut this extra short as my kids are getting antsy.


Repub 1 said…
From the trenchs of the 125th Plankington Birthday parade with Republican candidates, South Dakota is a great place on a hot summer day!

PP where's the evidence photos of the hospitality rooms.
PP said…
As opposed to a camera bag, I preferred to lug around something in the 12 oz range.
Anonymous said…
PP, who did the Dems pick for their candidates for other offices? (Auditor, Treasurer, etc)?

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