With so much Stan in the news, just a final thought

On another Stan related topic, I'm noticing two statements in two days in the Rapid City Journal from Senator Adelstein. Those reporters just can't leave him alone. Maybe I missed it, but I have yet to notice the news story where the Senator has discussed the election and wished the opponent who beat him good luck. (Time to get on my soapbox)

Somehow I missed the article where he says "Good show. Good race. Now good luck Elli! God speed in your Senate race for November!"

If someone might point out the article where he finally exhibited good sportsmanlike conduct for me, I'd really appreciate it.

In the Mainstream coalition mailing that went out May 5th to people across the state, there's a paragraph in it that describes the organization that Stan and his checkbook founded:
"We are a bipartisan group of of business, political, religious and community leaders who are working to promote civility and reason in discourse about important issues that affect us all."
Notice that little phrase "Promote civility and reason?" So far, all three who were defeated in the June primary has talked about being verbally attacked by extremists. As opposed to voters deciding to simply choose someone else for a while. "They didn't lose the election, They were unfairly targeted by radical right wing maniacs, and everyone else stayed home" Riiiiight.
"We will promote and preserve traditional American values like the separation of church and state, individual rights, and tolerance and compassion for all."
Tolerance and compassion for all. Except those who vote against them. As I get off my soapbox, I'd just hope those who are talking the civility and tolerance talk might decide to start walking that walk.


Repub 1 said…
does that mean all the money Stan spent on every avenue of media was a complete an utter waste? Imagine if Stan was the kind of m(b?))illionaire Denny Sanford is...

Rounds must be relieved Stan lost, he doesn't have to be seen on television with him anymore.
Anonymous said…
Wow! After what you and the religious right did to Stan you expect him to lick your boots? What planet did immigrate from and are you legal?
Anonymous said…
I hope it really is a final thought.
He lost and now we can forget him and his diatribe.
Good bye, PLEASE.
Anonymous said…
"unfairly targeted" God when will they loose the Victim crap.
Nothing is ever their fault. They didn't loose the election, it was "taken" from them.
It's like talking to small children who haven't had enough life experiences to understand that are responsible for what happens to them.
You ran and you lost, that's it.

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