BREAKING NEWS - Missed the Lt. Choice by a Mile. But now that it's out, it's less shock and more Yawwwn.

I guess the latest Democratic Lt. Choice Rumor was off by a mile. Clearly is wasn't a female Republican from Central South Dakota. The Rapid City Journal Print edition is reporting this morning that Rapid City resident Eric Abrahamson has been selected as Billion's running mate.

My dad read that to me out of the Rapid City Newspaper as I was walking down the hall, out of the shower. And my initial reaction was "who?" As I shook off the vestiges of sleep, I dimly remembered that this gentleman is on the State Library board and complained when there was an internet link taken off of the State Library website which passed the user on to material that many found objectionable.

Yes, apparently he began his rose to notoriety by thinking the state has no business questioning whether the state should link to such timeless questions on human sexuality as :
I have read about men and women having sex with animals, e.g., dogs. Apart from it being against the law (I think), are there medical reasons why this is not a good idea?
(and, that's an actual question on the "GO ask Alice" website that was the website at issue.) Anyway, I'm sure we'll read about all of that over the months of the campaign.

Interestingly enough, I believe that
Eric serves on the State Library board with his opponent's wife, Linda Daugaard. (Linda is classy enough that it shouldn't make for awkward meetings.)

Anyway, welcome to the fray.


Anonymous said…
I didn't know Dave Billion was looking for a running mate. His running mate is his son David Billion.
Anonymous said…
Jack should have chosen Lars Herseth as his running mater. That was his only chance to make the Governor's race competitive.
Anonymous said…
He does seem to have missed an opportunity. He should have chosen a prominent Republican.
Anonymous said…
I consider this election finished now for Billion. He missed the boat on his choice. I'm sure Eric is a very nice guy, but I don't see how he will sway voters at all in Billion's favor.
Anonymous said…
Nope, pack it in. This guys profile is lower than the cat I just hit on the highway. Nice choice. Of course, the profile of the state libary board could be higher than I'm aware of.
Anonymous said…
There are republicans who support Billion - including women west of the river. They recognize him as a man high intelligence and integrity who will welcome dialogue from both sides of the aisle. He is a person in this race for the benefit of SD and no other motivations - not to dole out jobs to friends and family or fly around in a sweet plane. How many of you claiming he is done were actually considering voting for him in the first place. Don't be a sheep with big "R" branded on your ass. Give him a listen. Give this Abrahamson a listen. Talk to legislators who know how Billion works and decide your vote on the merits and not some blind allegience.

p.s.pp - It's going to take a lot of spin cycles to get the stank out of Mr. Sahr's laundry.

p.p.s.pp - Please tell Steve Sibson every time he call someone a "fakey" he sounds like a five year old
Anonymous said…
I have talked to legislators who know Billion. Here's a bout someone look up Billion's voting record. I have a feeling there may be some anti-health care and anti-Union legislation that he voted for.

How bout the fact that he ditched out early on the final vote on the last day of session for the State Budget - which he would have been the deciding vote.

Look up his history - then we'll talk.
Anonymous said…
The fawning over Abrahamson has already started in the Rapid City Journal, actually on the blog, where he has friends. People who have watched Abrahamson on the School Board know he is an elitist and gets on bandwagons before he gets the facts. He does have one thing that should be an asset in a campaign; he is quite adept at self-promotion.
Repub 1 said…
Billion was on a great track, then he picked an absolute nobody! God, why do the Democrats ALWAYS screw up the governors race?

We a need a Democratic governor so we have something to blog about: )
Repub 1 said…
...and you should never vote for anyone who has served on either the school board, county commission or city council!

Modern psychology proves that those types of people are insane.
Anonymous said…
so I guess we should be happy with an insurance guy with a HS ed. (and pilot's license.)
Anonymous said…
6:02 - Was that the year that Billion was only one in Pierre to stand up to Janklow and rounds was in the basement during committee recess avoiding all discussion?

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