Well, thank God for the SDGO, otherwise we would have lost all those elections.

If you were ever wondering what color the sky was in bizarro-world, you can catch a glimpse over at the website for the South Dakota Gun Owners organization. You know, the group that got their butts chewed in committee for their harassment of lawmakers a few years back.

Today, in addition to taking credit for the sun's rising and the air we breathe, they're trying to assert credit for the primary elections. From SDGO.org:
In the weeks leading up to the election, the SDGO staff and volunteers worked overtime to give gun owners in Duniphan’s Rapid City district the information they needed to hold her accountable. SDGO sent thousands of mail pieces and made hundreds upon hundreds of phone calls to expose her long-standing anti-gun record.

Thanks in no small part to SDGO’s accountability campaign, Duniphan was soundly defeated 61 percent to 39 percent by pro-gun candidate Dennis Schmidt.

SDGO also handed notorious anti-gun Senator Gene Abdallah the toughest race he’s ever faced. Sen. Abdallah is the only other state politician to support every piece of gun control introduced since he took office in 2001. He is one of the few legislators in South Dakota to earn an “F” rating from the NRA.

Early in this campaign, SDGO identified Sen. Abdallah as possibly the most anti-gun politician in the state and worked to inform the gun owners in his Sioux Falls district. In past years, Sen. Abdallah has either run unopposed or won by wide margins of up to 30 percent. This year he won by a narrow 4 percent, demonstrating that pushing gun control doesn’t pay.

Gun owners also replaced well-known anti-gun Senator Stan Adelstein with pro-gun candidate Elli Schwiesow in the race for state Senate District 32 (Rapid City). Long-time anti-gunner Rep. Tom Hennies was also defeated by a wide margin.
So, the SDGO was responsible for Elli Schwiesow's win, Dennis Schmidt's win, Tom Hennies Defeat, and Senator Abdallah's narrow margin.

Despite their best efforts to take credit for it, Somehow, I doubt the Lautenschlagers managed to pull it off. In fact, is there anyone out there who can verify they did anything? If so, I'd like to know.

In case you're up for some light reading, click here for the SDGO voter guide.


Anonymous said…
SDGO is an irrelevant bunch of loony losers. Hardly anybody answers their survey, but a majority of candidates answer the NRA's survey. They are universally shunned at the capitol.

A few years ago I got a mailing from SDGO complaining that the state keeps a database of people with concealed weapons permits. How did SDGO get my name? They got it from the very database they were complaining about.
Repub 1 said…
Anonymous said…
Just to set the record straight, Senator Abdallah won his primary by a margin of 58% to 42% and holds an "A" rating with the NRA.
PP said…
Good point anon. I shouldn't have assumed anything from the SDGO was accurate.

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