What's happening on the other side of the street?

I had a late night last evening, so I'm going to phone it in for a while. And what better way to do so than to cite someone else's article. The Rapid City Journal has news on the action from the Democrats this morning in an article by Joe Kafka of the Associated Press:
Democratic delegates picked telecommunications technician Steve Kolbeck of Brandon for the slot. Kolbeck said his hands-on experience in that field makes him uniquely qualified.

Kolbeck defeated state House Democratic Leader Dale Hargens of Miller, former state Sen. Mark Rogen of Garretson and state Rep. Paul Valandra of Mission for the PUC nomination.

Kolbeck said his 12 years of experience working in the telephone and Internet service industries would help him regulate utilities. And he pledged to work hard to gain a Democratic presence on the PUC, now controlled by three Republicans.

“I’m ready to beat the pavement and raise the money,” Kolbeck said.

Mike Wilson, a former legislator from Rapid City who is Kolbeck’s brother-in-law, told fellow delegates that Kolbeck has a steely desire to win and that is an important attribute in any campaign.

“If you haven’t noticed, when Democrats run for constitutional offices, they don’t just give them to Democrats,” Wilson said.

Only one constitutional office in South Dakota is filled by a Democrat: Bryce Healy is the state school and public lands commissioner. Healy was unanimously selected Friday as the party nominee for re-election to that office.

The Democratic choice for attorney general is a familiar name in South Dakota politics: Ron Volesky, a Huron lawyer.
Read it all here. Aw mom. Ron Volesky for dinner again? Bleaugh. Bryce, you have my sympathies with that one dragging the ticket down.

Last night at the convention, someone suggested that they could market the "Ron Volesky" t-shirt with every office he's ever lost. The joke is that it would only be available in 3xl because of all of the text required.

Sorry. Just a little cockiness on the part of us Republicans this AM. A full ticket will do that to you in the morning.


Chris Madsen said…
Hey, PP, did I call it or did I call it? No candidates for treasurer, auditor or secretary of state and Ron V. for AG.
Anonymous said…
N Nemec and numerous other Dems kept saying wait and see...we waited, what exactly are we seeing other than a party that can't field candidates for state wide office, including AG. Ron V. no longer should count as a candidate since he's likelihood of getting elected is none to slim.
Anonymous said…
put everything you own on none.

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