Did he choose wisely? More speculation on the Dem's Lt. Choice

I was talking to Senator Brock Greenfield tonight, and in the discussion, it was noted that the latest rumor is that the Billion choice for Lt. Governor will be a Republican Woman from Central South Dakota.

I'd been racking my brain on this one for a good part of the day. I was completely stumped. One of the Mainstream Republicans? There's one or two who would fit this description. Someone from over by Miller or Huron....? It was a toughie. As I related this to Senator Greenfield, he had a pretty good guess. One that completely blew my choices out of the water.

Who was the first on his list to match that description? Former State Senator Patty deHueck.

Whoa. If our guess based on the latest rumor holds true, it would be a shocker to many Republicans, as promised by the Billion camp. But, it might not be a huge surprise. Patty (my former next door neighbor) was definitely not one to make overtures to please the administration.

6 years of service, 4 of them in the Senate, she served two of those years under the Rounds Administration until she was beaten in the primary by Senator Bob Gray. In addition, this attorney's social views are likely palatable to the hard-core Democratic voters. If I had to guess, I'd say she's probably against HB1215.

So, there you have it. Our latest guess. Just like the previous speculation, that's all it is. Silly Speculation that's probably a mile off.

But..... unlike the previous bout of speculation, tomorrow we get to see how far we were off. From a Billion for Governor press release:
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (Released June 20, 2006)
FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Todd Epp (direct) 605.221.6143 (cell) 605.351.5109 (email) tepp@billionforgovernor.com


SIOUX FALLS—South Dakota Democratic candidate for governor Jack Billion will hold a press conference Wednesday at 9 a.m. MDT at the Hoyt Room of the Rapid City Public Library, 610 Quincy St., in Rapid City to announce the selection of his running mate for lieutenant governor. The lieutenant governor candidate will be in attendance.

Dr. Billion will hold another press conference with the lt. governor candidate later Wednesday at 5 p.m. CDT at the Oak View Branch of the Siouxland Library System, 3700 E. 3rd St., Sioux Falls (near Washington High School).
So - 10AM CST tomorrow - all will be revealed.

(And Todd, you can give me a hint whether or not we're even close anytime)


Anonymous said…
Carole Hillard? She has been an outspoken opponent of HB1215. We know she can do the job. Still has wide appeal in Rapid City where Rounds is not particularly beloved.
Anonymous said…
You don't need to guess on how Patty D would have voted on 1215. She voted against 1191 in 2004,which is the same bill.
Nicholas Nemec said…
You're so far off you aren't even in the right time zone.
Douglas said…
Nicholas Nemec.

PP may be even further off than that. One only has to drive across the bridge between Pierre and Ft. Pierre to be off by a time zone. My guess there might be a few homes in South Dakota where you could roll out of the bed on the wrong side and be off by a time zone.

Anyway. I would like to know a bit more about what the guy ACTUALLY does for a living. What is that business anyway?

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