You read it here first - Tim Rounds in the hunt for PUC

As I reported here last night, the Argus Leader confirmed this morning that Representative Tim Rounds is in the hunt for the Public Utilities Commission:
Representative Tim Rounds, R-Pierre, told Republican delegates in Watertown on Thursday night that he plans to run for the party's nomination for Public Utilities Commission.

Rounds, brother of Gov. Mike Rounds, made his intentions known to Randy Frederick, state party chairman.

"He's in the hunt," Frederick said. "He says he's definitely serious about it, and he's been talking to people here telling them his intentions. He also has people helping him at the convention."
And, it appears that Krebs, Dykstra and most everyone else except Koskan is out. So, there's going to be a head to head battle between Koskan and Rounds.


Anonymous said…
My god, the rat. I'm the anon that posted maybe he should run. This was a joke on my part. He is the least capable of all the Rounds' boys. Story is that he's unemployed, so I guess this would help him out.
Anonymous said…
There's a rat in the House! Maybe in PUC.

If Tim's unemployed it's only because he can't serve in the house and have a state job too. Every other Rounds in Pierre has a state job.

Which Rounds family member will the governor appoint to replace his brother in the house?

I dare the republicans to nominate the rat. Dems will pick up the seat for sure.
Joanie said…
I don't know why everybody in a family think they belong in politics. When one member gets in, it seems like they all think they should get in. I have no time for families like that. Seems to me they aren't capable of earning a living doing anything else.
Anonymous said…
Representatives and senators don't get paid hardly anything, it basically covers rent and food and maybe a little extra. Puc, Gov, AG, and those jobs pay good in SD.
Anonymous said…
If the rat gets the nomination, sahr should run as an independant. I'm sure Adelstein's got some money to spend.
Anonymous said…
legislators also get the money from the special interest groups, too. don't forget that.
Douglas said…
The SD GOP never fails to amaze..well, at least when there isn't any paint drying where it can be watched.

Best choices for a GOP PUC candidate turn out to be a wingnut loon of the right who talks tech but poisons his logic with theology and ideology to the point of nonsense and riding the nepotism white's the Gov's brother.

Holy Blazing Saddles.

Wonder how the Democrats will screw it up.
Anonymous said…
I am a delegate and my vote will be going to John Koskan. Best of luck, John. You will be a great addition to the PUC.
Anonymous said…
The GOP acts like they have no talent. Koskan and Rounds are both out-of-their-league.
Anonymous said…
anon 11:19
How do you figure? what qualifications do any of the other PUC's have that Koskan doesn't?

anon 9:58
and the special interests are????? and when do they get this money? I haven't seen any special interest groups giving out money besides campaigns.......
Anonymous said…
Anon 12:48 shouldn't you be having your picture taken with Rep. Haverly?
Anonymous said…
The only good thing about Rat getting the nomination is that he would no longer be representing District 24 as a Legislator. The guy's a dim bulb at best. I thought it particularly funny that he said his wife encouraged him to run. I can't blame her, since he's been unemployed for months.
Anonymous said…
anon 1:16
I guess I don't get the slam, please elaborate.

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