Hey, big props to blogger Quentin Riggins who is up at convention. I ran into him in the parking lot. Iraq War Vet and bronze star recipient Joel Arends is also running around here as well.

And does the Argus coverage of convention(or lack thereof) suck, or what? KELO isn't much better at this point, either.


Jer Bear said…
Hmmmm -- I may just come back to SoDak to run against Q-tip. I mean, seriously -- how hard can it be if that slapnut is a candidate.
Anonymous said…
Seriously - I would love it if media would report the fact that the state Republican party is opposed to evolution. I want that on the front page of every newspaper in the state.
NTM said…
I ran into Arends at the VFW convention a week ago. We need to get that guy into office.

He gave a pretty good rundown of all the success we are having in Iraq that the media fails to cover.

Anonymous said…
I hope that you all consider Joel to be the future of the republican party. He has run for office twice, in 2 different states, and gotten slaughtered both times. The guy was a nut job before he went to Iraq and now he is a nut job with military experience. I don’t give a nickels worth of credit to anything he has to say.
Jim Pope said…
I knew him when he ran down in Iowa. I don't recall him running in another state.

He had a tough race against the house minority leader in Sioux City and did well for being inexperienced.

He's a good guy with a good service record.
Anonymous said…

good seeing you last night.

Supporters and detractors...flattering. The blogosphere can remain calm, however, I am not running for anything.

I only ran once in one state, Iowa, and yes I did get creamed. My opponent was a gulf war vet and fellow member of the National Guard at the time. He was a great guy and if I was going to lose to somebody he would be the one. Didn't agree with him on the issues but an honorable gentleman.

Keep up the good work Pat and look forward to reading your convention posts as the day goes on.

Joel Arends
Anonymous said…
Joel – I may be way off but I seem to remember you running for school board years ago. Is that not true?
Anonymous said…
Anon 10:43 I just about missed your post as I was about to log off.

You are absolutely correct and I beg your forgiveness. It's been so long I forgot that one, or maybe I wanted to forget that one! You must be from USD or Vermillion.

That's a good one and thanks for brining it up. Now that you bring it up that was when the 700k went missing from the school board bugdet and auditors couldn't find it, I think. As I remember it didn't the popular businessman come in and take that race handily? Was that 96?

Anyway, anon 10:43 you are correct, I did get creamed in two races! Enough drama for me.

Joel Arends
Anonymous said…
Evolution is for suckers and Dems...and Notla. Do you think Randy Frederick is a product of evolution? I think not.
Anonymous said…
I'm not running for anything Jer but if I could run against you I might consider it. With your temperment that might make for some interesting debates.

Anonymous said…
Jer would crush you.
Anonymous said…
The inmates are really in charge of the asylum (SDRP). The whack jobs created a fringe platform that begs anyone to the left of Attila the Hun to bolt the party.

So media do your work and report on the GOP platform. Republicans who haven't checked your brain at the door, head back through that door and over to the Democratic Party.
Notla said…
Anon 6:11pm, How in the world do you arrive at the conclusion that I am for evolution? Far, far from it. Can you tell me why you would think that?
PP said…
Anon 8:42 -

as opposed to the Democrats who can't get anyone to run for office.
Nicholas Nemec said…
Notla, the beauty of evolution is that it doesn't care if you, the Republican Party, or anyone else belives in it. Evolution just continues its slow march through the eons oblivious to the actions of any one organism.

You can no more slow or stop evolution than you can push the Earth out of its orbit around the Sun.
Notla said…
Nemec, what are you rambling about? I asked anon. 9:11 why he thought I was for evolution, which I'm not.
scimitar said…
I'm against gravity notla. Another liberal conspiracy to discredit the ascension of Jesus. We're really just kept on the earth's surface by God's will.
Nicholas Nemec said…
You can be against evolution all you want but it is still there and doesn't give a damn about what you think. The only thing evolution cares about is what organisms successfully pass their genes on to the next generation.

Good post Scimitar. At one time it was considered heresy to claim that the Earth revolved around the Sun. Of course the Earth and Sun didn't give a damn what anyone thought. The Earth just kept circling the Sun
Anonymous said…
Actually, Joel, I believe they found 700k they didn't know they had. Still pretty lame, but not quite as bad as losing it.

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