9am update. I'm here. yay. (Now when is stuff supposed to happen?)

I got my fanny up here in a hurry because I wasnted to make sure I was in the thick of things for the hustle and bustle of convention. And it looks like I get to hurry up and wait as I sit here in the space reserved for the Brookings County delegation.

How did we end up in the back? Actually, that makes my life so much easier with the kids and all. I'll have to file my request to remain in this spot.

Saw the Governor and his entourage as I walked in with the big bag of t-shirts for Rich Sattgast. Also chatted in passing with the Attorney General who had already been out running this morning. There's a ton of other people here already. "Wild Bill" Trent is here, and I'm told he's doing the seconding speech for Rich, and delegates are streaming in left and right.

I didn't get a chance to say "Hi" yet, but I also noted Elli Schwiesow, Joel Dykstra, and Monae from the Secretary of State's office.

I did have an opportunity to speak briefly with Jarrod Johnson who is running for Commissioner of School and Lands. He's campaigning like he's got an opponent, so it's good to see his enthusiasm.

The Planned Parenthood/Campaign for Healthy Families people are here in force with 3 or 4 tables full of stuff. As soon as I have a chance, I'll have to get some pictures of all the booths here.

I've got to cut this short, as I've got a delegate meeting momentarily, but here's my 9am update.


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