Hot update - More news from Watertown on PACaStan

I've gotten a couple reports from the field this morning that State Senator Stan Adelstein didn't take too kindly to being cast as the villan on KWAT's What's Up Program yesterday in Watertown. So this morning, The Adelstein Struck Back after yesterday's installment of Stan Wars.

One listener e-mailed me and noted:
I was listening to the local news- top of the hour I caught the tail end of a story about Adelstein/Shoenbeck and the PAC money thing. It had Adelstein on the story talking very hot about his right to give money to people who would be his vision of a Republican, doing things the way he wants the Republican party to be (not infusing religious doctrine and forcing women to do things - or something like that, I'm paraphrasing much of this). He sounded very hot and not happy with Lee.
Another listener chimed in and also noted:
He also - in the same interview – criticizes “one church” trying to enact its theology in law.
So, in one interview, it appears that Senator Adelstein manages to confirm that:
  • Everything that Senator Schoenbeck said appeared to be true about him funding races in the district.
  • He's spending his money on those that fit his vision of being a Republican.
  • He wants them to do things to promote the way he wants the Republican party to be.
  • To the casual listener, he seemed angry about the whole thing.
  • And he was said to throw in a little religious criticism of a church for good measure.

Wow. I think some candidates owe Adelstein a big thank you card for helping their election efforts at the last minute. But not the ones that Stan gave money to. Because Stan may have just driven a stake through the hearts of the campaigns that his PACs supported.

It's not as if Claire Konold, Jim Holbeck, Paul Nelson and Kristi Noem have been openly embracing their PACaSTAN connection. Yet on election day, here's Senator Adelstein, this planned parenthood award recipient who has been leading the charge for the pro-choice movement, reminding everyone at the last minute that these candidates got his money because they fit his vision of what a Republican is.

I think I've said it before. This area - District 6 and especially Codington County - is filled to the brim with family-oriented, chuch going pro-life conservatives. And those are the Democrats. This area is one of the most conservative and religiously oriented in the state. And Stan is out telling people that those candidates he's given money to that they are going to be doing things the way he wants the Republican party to be?

Again, wow. Maybe this evening's results will prove me wrong, but I don't think he could have possibly misjudged this one any more than he did. Especially in primaries, the most conservative Republicans vote. And the most conservative Republicans are not necessarily aligned with big parts of the Adelstein agenda.

And that leaves Konold, Holbeck, Nelson and Noem to find whether or not they are going to pay a price for taking tainted candy from a strange PAC.


Anonymous said…
The incumbents you list voted FOR 1215, though.
Anonymous said…
How can you say that Noems and Nelson owe anything to Adelstein?

They didn't get money from Adelstien's PAC, and if you are saying that it's because they received money indirectly, that's true of every elected republican in the state that took money from the state party.

By the way, didn't Schoenbeck get money directly from Adelsteins PAC a couple of year back? I thought it was in the 2002 election. PP, how about looking into that?

It appears that some of you have such a hate for Adelstien that it colors your world, facts be dammed, damage him at any cost.

The world is a much clearer place when you take off your colored glasses. How about dealing with facts.

There, I feel better, just needed to vent a little.
Anonymous said…
The trouble with Stan's approach though is that we have laws that limit donations to candidates at $250, and no more. Nothing wrong with having money, but Stan believes he is above us commoners and should be able to give much more. Is that called being an elitist?

He forms a PAC, gives a ton of money to it, then it gives the money out. So it is done without the average person knowing that he was the source. Nice work PP!

I have no idea why Alan Hanks would donate to Noem and Nelson as they do not share Stan's stance on the moral issues, nor on more spending. Maybe Hanks just knows them.
Anonymous said…
Idlebrain Stan and the Schoenbeck fight has been on all morning with Gene on KSOO, Sioux Falls 1140. The Soup is Boiling Hot!!!
Unknown said…
Anyone who wants to can form a PAC and funnel as much money through it to a candidate as he/she wants to. Adelstein is doing it.

Much of the criticism suggests that Stan demonstrates his contempt for "commoners" by so doing. I've seen evidence that Stan has contempt for commoners, but the fact that he gives money to candidates isn't it.

Fact is, rich men (usually men) buy candidates all the time. The fact that it's so easy to see, when they follow SD law while doing so, should be something in which we all rejoice.

"Contempt for commoners", by the way, runs rampant in the legislature. The passage of 1215 is evidence of that.
Anonymous said…
Don't candidates from Castlewood and Arlington get $1000 checks from committees called the Rapid City Action Committee all the time?
Anonymous said…
Of course, Castlewood, Arlington and Rapid City are all sister cities.
Anonymous said…
The accusation on this blog was focused on the quid pro quo. I think Stan answered that today. He gives to people he likes and who he thinks would best represent his vision for SD Republicans. God bless him for it.

Just as Bob says, anyone can do what Stan does. The fact that he gives his money is not showing contempt. All of a sudden, I feel like the Republicans who hate Stan are playing the class warfare card on this issue.

Be careful what you wish for, though. I don't think Stan is the only one out there giving money through a PAC. I hope you are all willing to ask your preferred candidates to withdraw from their races if it becomes clear that they are receiving money from any PAC to which any individual has given more than $250.

I know you really want to "break" a story PP, but you should be ashamed of yourself for this. I think it is generally irresponsible reporting. If that's how you roll, so be it. But don't try to play yourself as someone who is even remotely balanced or objective.
Anonymous said…
PP, your out in left field on this one.

You seem to think that anyone who has recieved money directly or indirectly from Adelstein isn't worthy of holding office.

Well the entire legislature, Gov, and just about all the rest of the state wide office holders better resign then.

Saw on a different post the even Schoenback took money from Stan in the past. Any truth to that?

How about a break on all the conspiracy theories and spend a litte more time on hard facts.
PP said…
When Did I say that? In the past, I've noted that one or two of my candidates have received money from him.

But then again, at the time it wasn't laundered through two pacs.
Anonymous said…
It ain't laundered if its legal.
Anonymous said…
Is the gov. club money laundered then?
Anonymous said…
Now now, no trying to reason with ol' PP on the Governor's Club. He's not going to agree with you there... unless, of course, Stan - or someone else PP doesn't take kindly to - is the one pulling the money strings. Then he's totally against it.

This is the kind of mindless drivel that politics has become, thanks in large part to people like PP. Referring to politics as a WAR? Kind of cheap, if you ask me.

What's worse is the division it causes. Listen, at the heart of this thing, we're South Dakotans, and we should be worrying more about the issues that matter most - health care, education, and...

the use of the state air plane.
PP said…
So says the mighty anonymous.
Anonymous said…
Use of the state airplane? Yeah, that's a huge issue! Only in the minds of some who are trying to get an issue against Rounds. And I'm sure it will keep rising to the surface like a piece of styrofoam, but that issue is just as porous as styrofoam too.

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