Jim Holbeck has been OWNED by Brock Greenfield

There's three precincts left to report in the District, but it's looking like tonight's complete drubbing award is going to go to Jim Holbeck.

Holbeck, if you'd been monitoring this website, set himself forth as the moderate choice in an election against one of the State Senate's more conservative members, State Senator Brock Greenfield.

And with three precincts left, I think I'm pretty safe in saying that Brock completely and utterly kicked his ass.
(R) GREENFIELD BROCK 1513 69 37 40
(R) HOLBECK JAMES 664 31 37 40
Right now, it's 69 to 31%. Holbeck could double the number of votes he got tonight, and he'd still lose to Brock.

I think we can say that Jim Holbeck has been owned.

*update* It got worse for Holbeck
(R) GREENFIELD BROCK 1769 71 40 40
(R) HOLBECK JAMES 730 29 40 40
Instead of losing 69 to 31%, he lost 71% to 29%.


Anonymous said…
Yes, Brock won. You PP and very few others think highly of this man but I guess that's where we are in SD right now.

Does he live with his mom or not? Don't give me he won w/x%, he beat an unpopular guy who did nothing but alienate others.

Feedsack, Greenjeans, this area of SD can do better.
Anonymous said…
Evidently 1769 other people think pretty good of Greenfield in his 71 to 29% victory. Adelstein evidently thought well of Holbeck to give him all that money.

You're still on that kick, "does he live with his mom or not?" That was answered long ago. No, his PARENTS live in Doland and he lives in Clark.

Name calling again? Sounds like sour grapes by a liberal who just seen a conservative stomp his opponent.
Anonymous said…
I love you notla. The fact that you can't tell when someone is making a joke at Brock's expense (does he live w/him mom?) kills me. Are you just a hack for the eagle forum?
PP said…
Anon #1, I think highly of Brock because I know him personally. I know what a decent human being he is, in comparison to those who try to demonize him.

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