SDGOP on Yesterday's Primaries

The State GOP issued this release today on the results of the primary election:

Primaries show strength of GOP
Dems post low turn-out for gubernatorial candidates

PIERRE – Tuesday was a very good day for Republicans in South Dakota.

Turn-out in the Democrat gubernatorial race was very low – in the single digits in some counties – due, in part, to the fact that the favorite candidate, Gov. Mike Rounds, had no primary and was not on the ballot. “Low voter turnout reflects a high degree of satisfaction from both Democrats and Republican with how Governor Rounds is leading our state,” South Dakota Republican Party Chairman Randy Frederick said. “Tuesday was a very good night for Mike Rounds and the Republican Party.”

Fewer than 1 in every 5 Democrat voters in South Dakota went to the polls on Friday. “Gov. Rounds has shown that he is a true leader with a clear vision for South Dakota,” Frederick said. “That leadership and that vision was evident on Tuesday.”

Frederick said now that the primaries are complete, the Republican ticket, headed by Gov. Rounds, is stronger than ever. “Primaries are part of the election process and the GOP is coming out of them energized and ready to make a difference,” he said. “We have a tremendous slate of candidates and I feel confident that our message of good government, lower taxes and personal responsibility will continue to resonate with the voters in South Dakota.”


Anonymous said…
Amazing, after one of the most interesting republican primary nights in recent history, all the GOP wants to talk about is the democrats. No mention that the conservatives have taken over the party or that 4 incumbents were turned out. If I was in charge of the GOP I would also be doing everything I could to distract the general election voters of SD from the new slate of candidates that are being put forth. Pathetic.
Anonymous said…
Conservatives do seem to have taken over the party. Isn't it wonderful? The only thing pathetic about this are the Adelstein - Frankenfeld RINOS who can't figure out where they went wrong...
Anonymous said…
Don't tell them what they did wrong because they will never be able to figure it out for themselves. Their answer for everything is the same as the Democrats - throw more money at the problems, cut those unwanted children from the womb and raise taxes.
Anonymous said…
It was a true victory for the Platform of the SD Republican Party, that parallels the National Platform. The Rino's weren't atuned, so they "bit the big one". I'd bet they sponsor "protestors" at the upcoming convention! True Republicans need to attend and participate!
Anonymous said…
What's Fredrick talking about? Lower taxes? He must be thinking of the Democrats' platform. In 2003 Rounds and his 2/3 Republican majority - over opposition of most democrats - raised over $20 million in new taxes annually that continue every year. With that money he hired over 800 new state employees in 3 years. Because he spent all of the new money and starved school districts, over 80% of school districts have had to opt out of property tax limits and raise property taxes to make ends meet. That is on the GOP's shoulders too.

When you govern with a 2/3 majority and raise a bunch of new taxes - you own that record. The GOP stands for higher taxes.

By the way, while state government holds hostage over $1 billion of taxpayer money, the Democrats voted against Rounds' tax increases and actually voted for eliminating the food tax.

Nice try Fredrick, but your spin is false.

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