See Mt. Blogmore for what Daschle thinks on Adelstein

From over at Mt. Blogmore

Tom Daschle, speaking tonight at the fundraiser for the Native American Journalism Foundation (see Denise’s earlier post), had this to say about the District 32 Senate race:

“I just hope and pray Stan Adelstein wins.”


Anonymous said…
"Birds of a feather flock together."
Anonymous said…
"Pray"?? there they go with that religious lingo again. Yes, now stan can join tom in the losers circle.
Anonymous said…
"What goes around, comes around"! Stan got what he deserved. One of the most important governmental functions is to protect those that cannot protect themselves. That includes the unborn, the elderly, and everyone inbetween.
Anonymous said…
It's not too late to give your Planned parenthood award back, oh, wait, yes it is. Sorry.
How long will it take before we start to hear "Stan who?" from Kate Looby. What goes around does go around, Align yourself with looser's and you quickly become one.

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