More Campaign Stuff: Ryan Maher

District 28 Democratic Candidate Ryan Maher was nice enough to send me a copy of his brochure (despite the savaging I've given a few).

And actually, it's not a bad piece (for having been done by the local newspaper) Lots of photos, content, and information..

My only criticisms? Aside from him switching parties (come back to the dark side...) there almost seems as if there's too much to digest. He could cut down a couple of the group pictures, possibly drop a couple of the captions, and it would provide a bit more white space. I think then it would lay out in a less crowded fashion.

I'd also like to see a background box with a drop shadow or something on the front side (side represented at the top). The white is a little stark. Possibly a lightly screened photo. One of the B&W photos on the back side would have worked great.

But, this is being nitpicky. Overall, it's an attractive piece of literature. You can see that in the days of digital printing, full color is the way everyone is going.

Thanks for the brochure, Ryan!


Anonymous said…
We are happy to have Ryan on our side. This guy has been working harder then just about anyone else in the state. I expect he will be joining the senate in January.
Anonymous said…
Another example of this blog giving space to other folks. Too bad the other partisan blogs don't do the same thing (you know who you are).
Anonymous said…
Oh, please. Just what is Mr. Maher running for? State Senate or secretary/treasurer of the local 4-H club? Ted Klaudt is a shoo-in. A big shoo-in. (Yep, pun intended.)
Anonymous said…
Yes, Klaudt is a shoo-in but Ryan is a real sweet kid. Too bad he didn't run against VanNorman in the primary, he'd be the shoo-in there and we'd have two good fellows, Klaudt and Maher, in Pierre. You Dems probably won't get too excited about Maher anyway, he's very pro-life.
Anonymous said…
Nice of you PP to give a little space to Maher, and for revealing his "switcheroo". Nice brochure for a family reunion, but doesn't reveal much about the candidate's positions....nor has he had much to offer at the public forums he's been invited to. I'll take the work horse over the show horse any day.
Anonymous said…
The work horse? Klaudt? Who are we kidding? He's a lap dog. He does what he's told, and that's why the Rs want him back.

Lest everyone forget... ol Ted pulled a switcharoo, too.
Anonymous said…
Well, now that's interesting. So you think Ted Klaudt a lap dog. Sorry, you’re way off on that one. Wrong breed of dog.

You better take a few minutes and ask some of the Republicans about Ted. There has been many times in the past few years that Governor Rounds has not been pleased with Mr. Klaudt.

In fact, there is rumor there was some behind the scenes encouragement from some so called Republican lap dog party leaders to have this guy from Newell run against Ted in the primary. As expected, Ted kicked the guys butt.

Ted follows the Republican principles, but if he feels something is wrong he is right out there letting people know about it.

I was told that a number of years ago, Governor Janklow ordered the juvenile detention centers closed to all legislators. He said something like if they want to know what’s going on in these facilities they should just come and ask him. So old Ted says these are state facilities and nobody is going to tell him that he can’t visit these places. Mr. Klaudt got in his vehicle and drove to Plainkinton. He toured the place, asked the juveniles and staff questions and got the information he wanted. And he dared anybody to do anything about it!

I heard that Mr. Klaudt even got a call from Governor Janklow about his visit. I heard it was a very interesting discussion. If you ask Ted about it, he just smiles.

Nope, Ted Klaudt is no lap dog. In fact sometimes he is a pain in the butt to the Republican leadership. And that’s what they like about Ted out west and that’s why he will again be elected.

Ted Klaudt is one bull dog that you don’t want sitting in your lap! lol
Anonymous said…
Ted is his own man. There are a lot of lap dogs in Pierre, but Ted's not one of them. He's not afraid to take on the tax raising big government types in his own party. And nobody works harder in Pierre than Ted. This is a Democrat speaking.
Anonymous said…
Say there PP, every single time I open this blog I see the campaign information for Mr. Maher. How convenient!

Just wondering if you were one of those behind the scenes Republicans that was supporting that other person that ran against Mr. Klaudt in the primary? Are you?

Mr. Klaudt doesn't lock step follow anyone, and he isn't a lapdog to anyone!

I certainly find it interesting that you have Mr. Maher's campaign material out there for everyone to see up until the election. And it’s just not that you mention his campaign, you actually post his whole campaign brochure. I don’t think he could afford to pay any blog to do that for him. Interesting isn’t it!

Just tell me PP, who really is the lap dog here?
PP said…
VJ, do you read this website at all? I probably identify more with the fiscal conservatives than with any other group.

You're asking "Just wondering if you were one of those behind the scenes Republicans that was supporting that other person that ran against Mr. Klaudt in the primary? Are you?"

No, and last I knew, I think I mentioned right before the primary that Ken Wetz got some "Stan money". Not a positive according to many Republicans, including me.

Otherwise, you can rest assured that I think Ted is "the man." If I had his brochure, it would be up there as well.
Anonymous said…
Ok pp, your word is good enough for me.

It just bothered me that every time I opened this website, there was Ryan's picture and campaign brochure. It just sat out there looking at you. Just couldn't figure out why it was there with just a few days before the election. I was also upset that certain Republicans worked against Ted Klaudt in the primary, basically because Ted isn’t a lap dog! I just wasn’t sure who all made up this “certain Republican” list. I AM glad to hear that you were not part of it!

Fiscal conservatives is the key. A lot of people are searching for those fiscal conservatives. I just hope our Republican Party can continue to provide such people! I believe our State Party has done a good job in this area. I think our National Party needs a lot of improvement!

You asked “VJ, do you read this website at all?” To tell you the truth, I just started reading this site a couple of weeks ago! So I really didn’t know what to expect. It’s a good website. I do like how you let opposing views enter the discussion. I have recommended this site to several people.
Anonymous said…
"Ted Klaudt is one bull dog that you don’t want sitting in your lap! lol"

You said a mouthfull.

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