Pre-General election financial reports starting to trickle in

I'm browsing through some of the pre-general election financial reports which appear to be starting to trickle in. I'm not reading anything too earth shattering into them... yet...

XCEL Energy seems to like Republican candidates. Alot. (Not that I'm complaining about that) As you can see from their donation list, there's a distinct lack of D's flavoring it.

That stands in direct contrast to SDEA's cash cow of a Political Action Committee, SD-EPIC.

(Click on list to enlarge)

Doling out over $111,000 to political candidates, with only one or two of the token Republicans that they support who got more that $1000. Billion got $25,000. (I hope you remember that next legislative session when they come calling, guys).

SD Insurance Agents were a little more balanced, but there seemed to be a bit of more favor towards the GOP.

Keep reading - more to come on this as reports come in!


Anonymous said…
“I hope you remember that next legislative session when they come calling, guys”

PP – you just laid out a very good reason why people are so disenchanted with politics. I do not believe that punishing groups that supported your opponent makes for good government. In the last cycle, Stan (your favorite whipping boy) gave several thousand dollars to my opponent. That never affected my relationship with him or my votes on his legislation. It is amazing to me that you continually state that policy should be dictated by who has given money to which candidate. If everyone subscribed to that philosophy, we would be in pretty sorry shape.
Anonymous said…
I'm not sure why you're harping on the SDEA again. If Republicans refuse to adequately fund education and our children's future, it would be a poor investment by teachers and those who care about education to fund Republicans.

A simple business sense tells you that.
Anonymous said…
There is one thing that you need to remember.Nothing has aver been adequately funded according to the Democrates.Why is that? If twice as much money was spent on the education of or kids would they know twice as much as they do now??
Anonymous said…
Our own mini "k-street". Now that's interesting.

Well, it worked at the national level so I guess it can work in little old South Dakota.

You don't support us with campaign money, we don't pass your bills.

Gosh, you thought all this campaign money was given just because the politician is a nice guy!

I'm shocked, just shocked that this is how politics work!
Anonymous said…

You clearly you don't care about good government. You say people who give Republicans opponents money should be punished in Pierre. Shouldn't who get elected work together after the dust has settled from the campaign? While I don't generally agree with Nesselhuf, he is correct your attitude is why good people don't get involved in the political process.

To you and republicans it is all about money and nothing more. You stand by your party no matter what. You hale the likes of Lee Schoenbeck after he put in print that he was willing to sweep the alligations about Dan Sutton under the table if he would just resign. Clearly, Lee was more concerned about getting a seat then about getting justice for a young man.

Yet, you sit there on your high horse and act like your @#E$ doesn't stink because you are apart of the oh so perfect Republican Party. At least our leadership didn't lie to the country about a war, try to cover up a scandle for two years and in the process continue to let young men be subjected to such behavior and turn a blind eye to the healthcare crisis in this country.

Yet, you have the audacity to suggest that an organization who represents the lowest paid teachers in the country should be punished legislatively because they support candidates who want to address the education problems in South Dakota. I guess I have to remember that you support a governor who is just satisfied having warm bodies in those teaching postions. It is no wonder that a growing number of Republicans are disenchanted with the Party.
Anonymous said…
Bad news. The SDEA are slow learners. Every election they support the candidates that lose elections.

If they were businesmen they would figure out that you shouldn't bet on a dead horse.

Example: $25,000 to Jack Billion. Why not zero to Jack Billion and avoid the perception that the SDEA is a branch of the Democrat party?

If they SDEA would cut their political donations to zero they would gain influence.

The SDEA is not interested in advancing their agenda. If they were interested in advancing their cause, they would quit giving money to those that lose elections.
Anonymous said…
Why does the SDEA never talk about the average teacher salary in Sioux Falls compared to the average national salary?? Is it possible that just as nurses in the rural areas are paid much less than in Sioux Falls--thereby making a much lower average--teachers salaries might be miserable in the rural areas but not too bad in Sioux Falls?
Anonymous said…
Ben Nesselhuf is a good guy. I may not agree with his politics but anonymous comments like anon 5:25 are a bunch of crap.
Anonymous said…
Anon 9:40

70% of the Teachers in Sioux Falls have a masters degree - but do they get paid a salaried that ranks them up there with someone who has an MBA?

Instead of making incomplete analogies, why not compare the average teacher salary of a Master's level teacher in Sioux Falls to a Master's level teacher on average, nationally.

Quit distorting the facts. It's a form of lying. Either that, or its stupidity.
PP said…
BJ (and others):

All I'm saying is that year after year, SDEA supports Democrats and funds them to pretty significant levels, and usually spends a good amount of time bashing the GOP and it's members.

What has it gotten them? At the same time the GOP continues to win elections, it hasn't gotten them "dick."

Maybe, just maybe, if they weren't so ridiculously one sided and partisan, and attempted working for realistic solutions with the majority (which are usually done on an incremental basis) instead of year after year demanding the whole hog and the apple in his mouth, they might actually get something accomplished instead of spinning their wheels.
Anonymous said…
If teachers are SO poor,why does the SDEA have so much money to spend??
Anonymous said…
9:40 mentioned nurses. I know a young nurse who has worked in Rochester for several years and made big bucks. Now she wants to return to the state (wow, hear that, she is coming back to the state even as bad as some make us out to be!). Anyway, she took a job in SF and is making good money but not what she was making in MN. This is what I've said for a long time. It isn't only teachers who are paid less in SD. But some things are worth more than money such as quality of life, being nearer family, etc. And in addition, the cost of living is less and taxes are less than in MN.

In relation to hours worked compared to other professions, teachers aren't getting rich, but they certainly aren't bottom of the barrel either. When you complain about teacher salaries, you have to take into consideration these other factors too.
PP said…
guys, let's not make up accusations for the sake of throwing them out there.
Anonymous said…
PP - It took you awhile to pull that, but thank you.
PP said…
Sorry. If it's blatantly false, I'm not so pig headed that I won't handle it.

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