Democrats Hire!
Republicans Perspire!
But not from the new "b" squad

From The SDDP announcement on the new staff members:
As you know we have been recently advertising to hire for three new positions. I’m please to announce that we’ve filled those positions this week.

Deb Elofson of Sioux Falls has been hired as Legislative Director. Charlie Scott of Sioux Falls has been hired as Field Director. Don & Elesha Carr of Pierre (originally from Sioux Falls and Rapid City respectively) have been hired as our communications team.
And the Republican reaction is........ *yawn*

And a reminder to everyone - READ press releases before they go out. "I'm please to announce"? It was an easy mistake. Have someone else read it for comment, and sit on it a night if you have to, and read it in the AM. Sometimes your mind interjects the correct word without realizing it's still typewritten wrong, because you meant to say "pleased" instead of "please".

Anyway, many posts ago, I was noting that if the Democrats wish to strike fear into our hearts, they need to bring people like Todd Epp or Rick Hauffe. Instead of Todd with his years of experience, contacts, and media savvy, for communications director they bring the former chef of lighthouse pointe in Pierre.

**AHH! Save me from the scary caterers!!**

Ok, I will give that Elsha has a little experience. But Don's resume might get the Democrat tongues wagging (Rock opera?). His experience writing Democrat weekly columns is only matched by... Well, when I was around there, that's what the Democrat Interns did as part of their duties.

Deb Elofson of Sioux Falls is formerly Executive Director of the PUC. I'm not sure who Charlie Scott is at the moment. (but just for the moment).

We'll see if they can rise above "B" squad status. Meanwhile, I'll respond with my own conservative rock opera. If only I can find my daughter's Magic Barney the Dinosaur Piano.

As opposed to my future composing (or decomposing), I spent yesterday at Capitol for a Day. One of the participants said to me "PP, you're glistening." I replied, "No, I'm just plain sweating!" The humidity was extremely high in Eureka, as a big thundershower hit about 5 minutes out of town after the event. I drove here to Brookings in rain the whole way.

I thought the event went very well. Actually, I thought it was the best one I've attended to date. I went on the city business tour, and they've got a woodworking/cabinet fabrication business that would make any city in the state want to lure them away. It really was impressive.

What gossip did I hear in one of our northernmost towns? Well, none really. Although, I did get clued in on the GOP organization in my newly adopted county of Brookings. If I ever get over here full time, I'll be interested in diving in headfirst with local electoral politics.
Until then, we'll watch and see what new initiatives the SDDP comes up with. It could be fun.


David Newquist said…
Add this tip from a member of the tri-focal set: Never, ever, ever try to proofread on the monitor screen, even though it may emulate black ink on white paper. There are physiological reasons why the eyeball will tend to rush over the orthography to get the job over with rather than to catch errors.

And er, ah, regarding Charlie Scott. Are you saying that he changes identities moment by moment and you don't know which one he is assuming at this moment? Or that at the moment, you don't know who Charlie Scott is?

Your loving picky old bastard (term of endearment conferred by reporters and former students).
Anonymous said…
Hiring communcation directors with no experience, who can't proof copy and probably cannot organize either. But then why change history, Democrats in this state seem to have a history of being unorganized, split, offices away from the population center-Pierre--and no vision "a 10 year plan!!" Most people don't even have a 10 year plan!! Good thinking slow and easy, in mean time--guess more "R's" will be in office--which will be fine.
PP said…
It means I couldn't google him right off, and I'm not familiar with him.

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