Maybe they're reincarnated as Democrats.

As we all know, the Dems have been interviewing for a few office positions, courtesy of National Chairman Howard Dean. So I checked the website out so see if there were any releases about who got picked.

And on the page of elected officials, I see this cool graphic. It's cool to me, because I'm a political button nut and have been for a long time. This graphic (as the arrows point to) up in the little corner shows political buttons from the great elected Democrats of the past.

Great Democrats of the past like F.D.R., and Lyndon Johnson, and Hoover and Willkie and.....

Hey! Wait a minute!?! Hoover and Willkie? Last I knew, one was a Republican President, and the other a Republican Challenger for president.

So the Dems are paying homage to great Republicans of the past? I could go so many ways with this one.

But I'll just stop here. Especially if they want to send me those buttons for my collection. They might not be needing them for the next picture.


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