Disclosure (or not)
SDWC Collegiate Guidelines

The attention my silly little weblog has been getting suprises me. But I'm also concerned that it's affecting the free flow of information around me.

On one hand, I was in getting a haircut at Angel's Salon in Pierre the other day, and next in line behind me was State Senator Bob Gray. Bob arrived a moment or two early for his appointment, and in jest, Bob advised Angel to use caution in her words, since they could end up in the War College. This brought up a good discussion about blogging in general. (And consider this a firm endorsement of Angel's Salon and of Senator Gray).

I have to admit, I appreciate being recognized as creating something that's worthwhile reading.

But then, on the other hand, I passed by and exchanged greetings with someone in the capitol the other day who I've known for years - and I also know that they read this blog. And it was like they couldn't wait to get past me with a minimum of words exchanged. (Run Away! Run Away! I don't want to be quoted! Ahhhh!)

Maybe it's my deoderant?

My purpose in blogging is to elevate the quality of political races in South Dakota, be informative, entertaining and to just talk politics, from my point of view. So, friends, Romans, countrymen; Don't worry about talking to me. I try not to cause too much trouble. If you don't want to be quoted, just tell me.

In fact today, I got some good gossip on no fewer than 4 people looking at becoming candidates in 2006. Yesterday, I had another hot tip on some other undisclosed political news. In both cases, I was specifically requested to not disclose it yet. And in both cases I complied out of courtesy until I can confirm the information I was given through other sources. Like I said, I try not to cause too much trouble.

But then I get home and read the Argus Leader. It figures. No good deed goes unpunished.

I sit on juicy stuff, and for a scoop I should have gotten, I've got to read about my friend Brock Greenfield getting the Right to Life State Director position in Dave Kranz's Column today (Click to read the entire story I should have gotten).

So, just remember, unless it's prohibited by law, it's ok to talk to me. And try to throw me a frickin' bone once in a while.

Light posting for the next couple days - I'm in Eureka tomorrow, and in Sioux Falls for a couple hours on Thursday. So if you want to send me a scoop, just drop it in my e-mail box.


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