Dems for Republicans

Here's a good one that a reader just sent to me:
On South Main Street in Aberdeen there is one red sign visible in support of SD Republican Senator Duane Sutton. You would never guess whose yard it is in. That of Democrat officer, blogger, and candidate David Newquist.
Dave, care to comment? (Thinking about changing teams?) ;)


Anonymous said…
Well, it shouldn't be too surprising. Sutton is a social liberal who votes like a democrat. His challenger is a very conservative republican, who is consistent on republican principles.
David Newquist said…
Now my next door neighbor, Pete Carrels, also has a Sutton sign in his yard. He is also a Democrat. The sign in ours was put up at the invitation of my spouse.

She was in Pierre during the legislative session with some other people who work with issues concerning abusive and otherwise troubled families. They have strong objections to legislation which is put forth under the assumption that problems can be solved by criminalizing people, putting them into prison, and branding them as pariahs. This is the source of much opposition to the abortion ban.

Duane Sutton distinguished himself by his respectful, courteous, attentive and intelligent response to their concerns. He discussed his concerns about some of the legislation, made clear his position, and voted as he said he would. This stood out in contrast to the dismissive, sometimes derisive, and offensive reception often displayed by legislators to constituents from the other party. There are many issues, perhaps most, on which our household and Duane Sutton have differing views, but without blind, intolerant opposition. Duane has not forgotten that political preferences do not nullify the status of being a friend and neighbor. And that is the source of the support he has earned among Democrats.

As for changing parties, I hasten to point out that I came to South Dakota from Illinois as a registered Republican. I also hasten to add that I was among those known as Lincoln Republicans. I think the species is extinct.

Anyway, Duane Sutton has support from Democrats in the primary because of the way he conducts himself and responds to his constituents and shows independence in his analysis of issues and his stance on them. I don't know if anyone has changed their registration to vote in the primary.

Meanwhile, I am looking at volumes of open government statutes from other states. To me, open and responsive government has to be restored in the state before we can do anything else. I'll support and/or help any candidates who will work toward that end.

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