Since tomorrow is a good day for arguing in the Supreme Court, here's the 3 briefs filed in the matter of Verizon versus the Sec. of State

CHopefully, this won't bring my server to it's knees. Each one of the linked briefs are 3.34 megabyte .pdf files.

What's linked to this post are the briefs outlining why Verizon thinks the cell phone tax repeal should be placed on the ballot by the Secretary of State.

While the other party involved in all of this, the anti-Video Lottery group is much more vocal (and controversial), Verizon smartly knows it's not going to accomplish anything by putting TV commercials on the air bashing the Secretary of State. They're satisfied to simply have their day in court.

So, as you''re reviewing these, the first post is the Petitioner's Brief. The second, is the Respondent's Brief in Opposition of Petition for Writ of Mandamus. And the final one is the Petitioner's Reply Brief.

Again, these are all adobe .pdf's, 3.34 meg in size (around 51 pages each).

I want to take some time to read all of these, so in the interest of timliness, we can read them at the same time. I'll have more to say on it as we get into the weekend.



Anonymous said…
I'm having some troubles with the links for the briefs... I get the petitioner's brief w/ the link for the respondent, and I can't get the reply brief at all.

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