Upcoming events - R and D

Judy Olson Duhamel, SDDP Chairman is inviting people to a private reception to honor Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean to benefit the SDDP. That's being held on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 16, 2006 from 6:00 P.M. — 7:30 P.M. at Judy's House at 1106 Hyland Drive in Rapid City. They're also doing a dessert with him at the Raddison that night from 7:30 to 9. You can contact (605) 224-1750 or ecarr@sddp.org for more information on attending.

(Which reminds me of a story that I'll have to relate sometime of the Black Hills CR's holding up signs on the road along the way to a Daschle fundraiser many years ago.)

Also, according to KGFX Daily News, they announced today that Governor Mike Rounds will be their studios for August’s “A Conversation with Governor Rounds” a day earlier than normal on Monday, August 14.

If you have a question you would like to ask the Governor, you are welcome to call it in during the show and speak directly with him. If you would like to e-mail a question or concern, send it to governor@amfmradio.biz.

As soon as I can find it, I know I just saw that the Dems are meeting in District 25 at a Pizza Ranch tonight or tomorrow to pick replacement candidates. (No anchovies or viable candidates, please)

And actually, I think the prior post was #1215. And just by sheer coincidence, it involved the Abortion issue. Really.


Anonymous said…
If the district 25 dems are smart, Mike Kroger will be the senate nominee. He has won that district twice and would tough to beat.
Anonymous said…
District 25 is almost even for Rs & Ds with only a very slight advantage to Rs but more than enough independents to make a difference. This year, the bulk of independents will probably vote Dem, so decent Dem candidates should win in 25.
Anonymous said…
"(Which reminds me of a story that I'll have to relate sometime of the Black Hills CR's holding up signs on the road along the way to a Daschle fundraiser many years ago.)"

I remember that day, standing on the side of the road with the signs. You should see if the RC Journal has that article archived on their site....post it when you tell that story.

Anonymous said…
Dist 25 has about 900 more Rs than Ds but the Inds number around 2300. Usually more Inds vote Rep than Dem because most are business people. They don't want to lose business by being identified with one party or the other, but have Rep leanings.

Scimitar, why do you think that the bulk of the independents will probably vote Dem this year?
Because of the abortion ban? If so, Mike Kroger voted for 1215, so I think it would tend to negate that supposed advantage, at least in Mike's case.
Anonymous said…
Nolta - don't over think it. If Kroger is on the ballot voters will vote for him because they are used to it. If he works hard, there is no reason why he would not become the senator.
Anonymous said…
The bulk of the independents vote dem in almost every election. This is why, in a state that is 48% republican, democrats get elected on a fairly regular basis.
Anonymous said…
Anon 12:15 You tell me not to over think it. I suggest that you reread my comment. I did not address whether Mike would win or lose.

I was wondering about the statement that scimitar had made that "this year the bulk of Inds will probably vote Dem". Evidently he even thinks, like I do, that the Inds usually vote more for Reps.

Anon 9:55 Dems get elected on a fairly regular basis? There are 233,936 Reps, 186,341 Dems, and 66,992 Inds. Dems plus Inds outnumber Reps. You guys got a US Sen seat, the US House seat, Comm of Sch & Pub Lands and not quite 1/3 of the legislature. The Reps have, besides the state going for Bush, a US Sen seat, Gov, AG, Aud, Treas, SoS, 3 PUC and over 2/3 of the legislature.

You might be right though that Inds vote Dem more often and the Dems do win on a fairly regular basis, 1/3 of the time.

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