25,000 visitors for the THIRD month running

I figured my October numbers were because of the election, and while I might experience a decent first week, they'd drop off in November. But they didn't.

And now for December, while I've had a slight dip, I'm still running at 25,000 visitors monthly.

That's teriffic. Thanks for your continued support and patronage.

There will be tons of good stuff coming up as we approach session. I need to drop a few pounds anyway, so I plan to use my lunch hours to haunt the 3rd and 4th floor of the State Capitol during session.

And if you have a hot tip for me, don't hesitate to drop me a note at dakotawarcollege@yahoo.com.


Anonymous said…
Why won't PP verify his numbers? Easy enough to put a counter that's Visible on the site.

Reading prior posts...PP is now giving legal advice?! YIKES. Run South Dakotans, run. Run Far, run Fast.

And what's with this "comments from the classroom" as if PP the self-appointed "teacher?"

DOUBLE YIKES! Run South Dakotans, RUN FAR, RUN FASTER. If PP is considered expert in any field beyond blather you've got much to lose.
PP said…
Sounds like "Amendment E's Bonnie Russell" is back. Someone must be getting paid to circulate a crazy a$$ed ballot measure again.

Stay in California, Bonnie. Stay in California.
Anonymous said…
Well, Bonnie or not, the "comments from the classroom" thing is pretty funny.
Anonymous said…
PP, sorry to pop your self-inflated balloon head that floats your body back and forth between Pierre and Brookings, but you have the same people returning again and again, so to throw out 25K/mo. is laughable. BTW, on objective meaningful news, you and Epp get scooped by the MSM 99.9% of the time.

Happy New Year and drive safely
PP said…
That's why I don't mention hits, which range in the 55-65k range.
Anonymous said…
Is there a reliable way to measure "unique visitors" with your tracking software? Last time I looked at it there were so many people from aol, yahoo, etc. servers that it was impossible to know. I remember thinking (stupidly), "...wow...look at all the people we're getting from Virginia!
Anonymous said…
Like many newbies with toys, PP likes to flout his visits/hits/page-views/whatever.

The bottom line is, he's pre-pimping for advertising. Let's not couch it in any other terms.
Anonymous said…
Hell, whether or not it's the same 25,000 people coming back month-after-month, that's still more than watch PBS or tune them in on the radio.

Don't worry, PP, you know you're legit when the libs can't stay away. Very similar to the Rush phenomenon. The lefties love to hate you both.
Anonymous said…
You know what they say, anon 2:12 ... keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.
Joan said…
I don't agree with most of the politics on the SDWC, but I respect the way PP runs his blog. That is because he respects everyone else - at least most of the time.

I lean toward liberal in my opinions (liberal for South Dakota, that is - on the coasts I would be considered moderately conservative). Despite my political leanings, and contrary to what many SD conservatives would believe because of my political beliefs, I don't appreciate people who belittle Jesus and Christianity - or any other religion for that matter.
I also slip up and swear on occasion, but I don't like reading profanity. Not only is it offensive to many people, it detracts from the message that the writer wants to impart.

The decency that PP usually insists upon is why I can overlook a lot of the political remarks of which I disagree. So thanks, PP, for runnning a decent blog site. I wish you were a tad bit more moderate in your politics, but I think there is hope for you yet.

Having said that, can't you just post the numbers of hits for this site somewhere and keep it updated so people who really want to know how it's doing can check it out?
bill fleming said…
Anons 2:12 and 10:16

I don't hate PP.
I also don't think I'm his enemy, nor he mine.
I don't think any Americans are my enemy.
Opponants sometimes, competitors, even adversaries, but not enemies. Were all in this experiment together, last time I checked. Right?

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