If you get the Sundance Channel, you HAVE to watch this.

I just caught the documentary by British filmmaker James Rogan titled "Blog Wars." If you get this channel, set your TIVO, or else find someone who has it. It's worth your while to watch it.

It's a great look at how blogs can still embody the wild west of the internet, but can also shape political coverage. My favorite quote? "Someday, someone with their video camera is going to be at the right place at the right time, and they'll change the course of an election."

Clearly this was filmed earlier. Because all I could think of was the George Allen "Macacca" comment. And how I need to get a little video camera that I schlep around with me. I have to start hitting the events and toting it along. And try not to feel so darn dorky when I do so.

Focusing on the Connecticut Senate race, it was amazing to see how just plain jane bloggers like myself were taken seriously, and how candidates in races to come need to engage bloggers as a potent political force.

I guess I have something to aspire to. So, sooner or later, I'll have to ugrade my pajamas. Possibly to a robe.. and an ascot.


Anonymous said…
Yea, well we knew ya back when you were wet behind the ears.

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