The Prefiles are here for 2007

The prefiled bills are starting to arrive in the hopper. And a couple of them have very political implications.

HB 1004 revises and amends sections of the law on state vehicle use to just apply to state airplanes.

Senate Bill 3 mandates that constitutional amendments and referred measures have to have petition circulators who are county residents of the county they are circulating petitions in.

What else.... Oh yes, there's also these...

Bill Title
SJR 1 To propose a constitutional amendment to revise certain provisions regarding the legislative process.
SJR 2 To propose a constitutional amendment to require certain meetings of the Legislature to be open to the public.
SJR 3 To propose a constitutional amendment to repeal certain voided provisions regarding term limits for United States senators and representatives.
SJR 4 To propose a constitutional amendment to revise certain provisions regarding private and special laws.
SJR 5 To propose a constitutional amendment regarding certain restrictions on legislators and to allow legislators to participate in certain state contracts.
SJR 6 To propose a constitutional amendment regarding restrictions on legislators.
SJR 7 To propose a constitutional amendment regarding legislative term limits.
SJR 8 To propose a constitutional amendment to reduce the minimum age to be a legislator.
SJR 9 To propose a constitutional amendment to provide for forty-day legislative sessions.
SJR 10 To propose a constitutional amendment to provide for single-member house districts in the Legislature.
SJR 11 To propose a constitutional amendment to revise certain provisions regarding initiatives and referendums.

Go check out the full list here, and see a few other measures affecting the political spectrum.


Anonymous said…
OK, help me out here PP. What language in SB3 requires petition circurators to only collect signatures from the county they are residents of?
Anonymous said…
This is what happens when PP tries to play lawyer.
Anonymous said…
What the heck! HB 1004! It’s just a shame that our Republican legislators have to waste their time cleaning up this mess made by the democrats and the ArgusLiar!

Just think, at the next election the democrats can brag about how they stopped the Governor from using the State aircraft! Then the democrats can brag that they made the Republicans spend precious legislative time introducing a bill so that our good dedicated employees aren’t treated like criminals for buying a cup of coffee! Oh yes, isn’t that something to be really proud of! But I guess that’s probably better than nothing for the liberals to brag about when they haven’t accomplished anything else for years!

Yes, the people of South Dakota voted. But this whole mess was brought about by the liberal democrats and the argusliar (the official news outlet for the liberal democrats) and their propaganda of lies.

Governor Rounds, if the only thing these liberal democrats can find wrong with you is the use of the State airplane, your future as U.S. Senator is assured!
Anonymous said…
WHOA! Take a look at SJR 5, which would allow legislators to do business with the state, anybody? For centuries (well, one century anyway) the rule has been simple and absolute: legislators couldn't sell the state so much as a paper-clip, competitive bid or not.

This looks like something somebody is trying to slide in. Way too much potential for abuse. Even the appearance of sweetheart deals makes average citizens even more distrusting of government.

Bad, bad policy.
Anonymous said…
Uh, mhs. Wouldn't it be nice to have a few business owners in the legislature, instead of the load of farmers, teachers and trial lawyers we have now? The existing prohibitions on legislator involvement in legitimate, open business transactions with the state pose a serious barrier to the candidacy of individuals who own businesses. SJR 5 is overdue.
Anonymous said…
11:19 Are the business people that do business with the state the only ones that want to be legilators. Seems to me that there would be a lot more business people out there that are not doing business with the state. Why are they not running?
Anonymous said…
yes, legislator.
Anonymous said…
VJ, you do love to revel in your ignorance, don't you?

If you had dusted off your brain and looked at either the prior law, the initiative, or the new bill 1004, you would notice: 1)the criminal penalties were in the old law; the initiative didn't make any change in the criminal penalty - just added a civil option for the AG INSTEAD of charging a crime; and 3) the new bill doesn't remove any criminal penalties either contrary to what you claim.

If Rounds and Long start prosecuting state employees instead of using the new civil penalty - blame those Republicans. The voters of SD gave them a non-criminal option that they did not previosly have.

And VJ, are you REALLY concerned about "precious legislative time" or are those crocodile tears? If you want to conserve time, tell your Republicans to stop wasting it on multiple abortion bills that the public doesn't want and the courts won't uphold.
Anonymous said…
Nic is right, SB 3 only says the circulator should try to confirm the signer is a resident of the county that they say they are. It puts no residency restrictions on the circulator.
Anonymous said…
Hey Anon 11:19
I sure wish there were loads of farmers and teachers in the legislature.

Instead we are stuck with a bunch of urban dwellers who have no idea of the true importance of agriculture and the rural sector to SD!
PP said…
Sorry Nick. Thats what happens when I'm in too much of a hurry when I'm tryng to get out the door for work.
Anonymous said…
That's OK Pat I just wanted to make sure that my reading comprehension skills weren't slipping.

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