Apparently, they DO shoot Horses in Canada. (And eat them.)

An AP story is out there today about a large group of over 200 unwanted Horses being returned to a few states, including South Dakota, after the Humane Society filed a lawsuit to shut down horse processors:
Horse enthusiasts had hoped that Cavel International would allow the horses that had been headed to its plant to go to area barns, but the company on Thursday returned six trailers of the animals to suppliers in Colorado, Tennessee, Iowa and South Dakota, said Colleen O'Keefe, the Illinois Department of Agriculture's Division manager of Food Safety and Animal Protection.


U.S. District Court Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, ruling in a lawsuit filed by the Humane Society of the United States, found the USDA did not follow federal procedures for setting up the inspection fee program.

Read the whole story here. At this point, the story notes that the animals will be shipped to Canada for processing. Since they eat them, they're apparently not as squeamish about processing them.

This reminds me of the recent tale when one of South Dakota's FFA leaders staged the walkout of the Carrie Underwood concert because of her support for anti-farmer policies - specifically her support of the humane society.

Some were naysayers, talking about their work for pets, but here's a real life example of how it's affecting South Dakota farmers.

Food for thought. (But only food in Canada).


Anonymous said…
If they are successful at shutting down the Horse plants, they are going to try and come after the cattle, sheep, chicken, and pork industry next.
Anonymous said…
Ah yes, I'll have a McLettuce with my fries!

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