Robert Novak: The Rising Tide for Fred Thompson

Nationally syndicated columnist Robert Novak has a column out today talking abut why Republicans are looking at former US Senator Fred Thompson as the great "red state" hope for Republicans to retain the presidency.

In just three weeks, Fred Thompson has improbably transformed the contest for the Republican presidential nomination. It is not merely that he has come from nowhere to double digits in national polls. He is the talk of GOP political circles, because he is filling the conservative void in the Republican field of candidates.

Republican activists have complained for months that none of the big-three contenders — Rudy Giuliani, John McCain and Mitt Romney — fits the model of a conservative leader for a conservative party. The party faithful have been waiting for another Ronald Reagan. But in conversations with them the past year, nobody mentioned Thompson as the messiah until he appeared March 11 on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.


Thompson's popularity reflects weakness among announced Republican candidates, as reflected in the Gallup survey. Sen. McCain, no longer an insurgent but still not accepted by conservatives, is stuck in the 20-25 percent range. Former New York City Mayor Giuliani has dropped precipitously from 44 percent to 31 percent, amid attacks on his ideology and personal life. Most startling, despite a well-financed, well-organized campaign, Romney has fallen to 3 percent.

Sophisticated social conservative activists tell me they cannot vote for Giuliani under any conditions and have no rapport with McCain or Romney. They do not view Sen. Sam Brownback, representing the social right, as a viable candidate. They are coming to see Thompson as the only conservative who can be nominated. Their appreciation of him stems not from his eight years as a U.S. senator from Tennessee but his actor's role as district attorney of Manhattan on Law and Order. That part was molded to Thompson's specifications as a tough prosecutor, lending him political star power.
Read that all here. It's time for Republicans to get our own rock star candidate. Dems have Hillary and Obama. We have...... well, right now we have "yuck." Guliani? Romney? Brownback? Please. I want someone who can win their party's vote, much less a popular vote.

McCain is the closest thing I could see myself voting for. But in the same breath where I say I'd vote for him, I'd note that really doesn't excite me. Sorry, but I want a rock star who will get people out off the couch because they want to believe in their candidate. I want the guy who excites and energizes the Republican grass roots to action.

His face is known. He has political gravitas. Good god, he's polling 3rd without lifting a finger. The more people I speak to about the presidential race, the more I hear Thompson's name without it being offered first.

So, here's one voter who can't wait for him to pull the trigger. In my county, I'll be first in line to be a Thompson delegate - because that's who Republicans need to offer as a candidate.

It's time for Republicans to get our own rock star candidate. And from what I've seen, that Rock Star's name is Fred Thompson.


Anonymous said…
Couldn't have said it better myself. I watched the FoxNews Sunday interview and, although I already knew some of his politics, I just kept nodding my head. He not only has the right political views, he represents them honestly and straight-forward. It actually reminds me of Gov. Rounds' first run for governer, when in the Republican primary debates, he was the only one that actually answered the questions, rather than dodging. He ended up a shocking victor in the primary, I think mostly because of that. I think people are ready for that on the national stage.
Anonymous said…
(3:34pm) sorry, should be "Governor"
Anonymous said…
Thompson/Ted Nugent in '08. The rock star and the rock star.
lexrex said…
neither mccain nor thompson have stellar ratings from the American Conservative Union -- thompson's a little better.

it'd be best to just sit tight before pledging support to anybody.
Anonymous said…
Thompson's rating with ACU would be 100% except for his support of McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform.
Anonymous said…
I love it.

Thompson has a second wife, 25-years his junior, STANDARD BEARER! Herseth marries a guy 18 years older than her. TRAVESTY!

Ask your friend Mr. Dobson what he thinks of the distinguished gentleman from Tenn.

If I put the positions of Thompson, Sam Brownback and Tom Tancredo and black out the names, could you pick out Thompson?

He's just like Tancredo and Brownback, so why aren't you leading the charge for those true conservatives?

It really isn't issues for you guys - it's just who looks good playin dress up.

Anonymous said…
Ask Fred Thompson where he stands on gay rights.
Anonymous said…
Novak is a documented traitor to his country and should be placed before a firing squad, not a TV camera.

He knows this.

Don't the rest of you?
Anonymous said…
5:17, have you been drinking?

How about you, 3:34? ...and 3:34, Rounds didn't answer the questions directly in his first race for Governor, but he had some fair sound bytes and he won based on his nice guy image while the others were beating each other up. It's a good thing nobody held him to the few positions he took in '02, or Rounds would be watching from the sidelines.

Fred Thompson, on the other hand, now he sounds like a good one....better than the others for sure.
Anonymous said…
anonymous (why is it always anonymous...) 5:17pm


Are you still upset that he reported Richard Armitage's comments (discosures) about the CIA desk jocky Valrie Plame (After her husband "outed her" in his own editorial)?

Please, check your Kool-Aid, it looks like it's been spiked!!
Anonymous said…
To the liberal who questioned whether we could pick out Thompson from a crowd just based on positions: look at your own side. How is Barack Hussein Obama and different from any other orthodox liberal? How is Hillary? My gosh, at least the Republicans have answers other than "more government, more spending"

Better yet Mr. Liberal, we could even play a game called "Who said this about Iraq?" I doubt you could tell G Dub Bush, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Dick Cheney, or Tom Daschle apart.
Anonymous said…
What about our other GOP leaders?

Where's the love for Newtholio?

Let's hear it for the Hammer for Prez in '08 (can run from jail like Jim Trafficant).

What about Cheney? Big Time guy who can get the log cabin vote! Most of the posters here are log cabin.

Draft Frist who promises to govern the same way he diagnosed Terri Schiavo.

Just admit we need Jeb. We love Bush so much we just can't live without Bush. He'll take charge of everyone's decisions like he took charge of Shiavo so we don't have to worry about making tough calls. Everything's zen.
Anonymous said…
It doesn't matter who the republicans nominate, so long as the dems nominate shrillary.

Nothing will get people off the couches like the opportunity to vote against her.
Anonymous said…
The bloggers choice (Fred Thompson) will be the right's version of Ned Lamont. He had his fast rise against Lieberman and then, a speedy fall. I believe that Fred will be beaten by the candidate with the most outstanding leadership abilities - Rudy Giuliani.

We know next to nothing about Fred Thompson. He has waited until now to consider entering the race which means that he probably does not want it bad enough. Bloggers beware.
lexrex said…
i'm talking about lifetime rating, 4:22. if i remember correctly, it's an 86. mccain an 82.
Anonymous said…
Well, your going to see a couple more Republicans step up and take a shot at being the Republican candidate. As long as it looks like Hillary is going to be the candidate for the democrats, whoever is the Republican nomination WILL be the next President!

In fact, I think the Republican Party should contribute to Hillary’s current campaign! Pray that the democrats nominate her. She wins the primary and we are in! Go Hillary Go
Angie said…
Maybe the fact that conservatives can't find a candidate that's conservative enough for you should be a sign. If nothing else, you could always run James Dobson. I'm sure he could take a break from trying to turn gay people straight for long enough to be your "rock star candidate."

Good grief, if Sam Brownback isn't conservative enough for you (ACU rating of 87 in '06 and 100 in '05), I don't know who is.
Anonymous said…
Bush is doing his best to throw every Republican under the bus by 2008. Too many are hopping into his arms knowing they'll be getting thrown under the bus. Another 2 years and Bush will probably get the mission accomplished of destroying the GOP for the next 8 years.

GOP hasn't hit rock bottom yet. Should get there in 2008 as Dems pick up more seats in congress, governorships, state legislative seats, and the presidency.

Neither Fred, nor Barney nor tinkerbell can beat the Democratic nominee for president in '08.
Anonymous said…

Go out for recess, the big boys are working here.

On Ethanol: Clinton voted against the 2005 energy bill that would have established a ethanol mandate on new refineries. Obama supported the measure.

On Oil: Clinton supported a bill to expand drilling the Gulf of Mexico. Obama opposed it.

On wasteful spending: Obama voted to eliminate TV Marta. He voted against the Bridge to Nowhere. He's working with with Sen. Coborn (he's a wing-nut) to bring pork spending out in the open.

I could go on with the Iraq statement, but your head probably just exploded since you don't do facts.

Anonymous said…
Who the hell cares about the issues. You Republicans are going to lose.

Oh, did I forget to say you're going to lose BIG?

You are going to LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE the White House because Cheney/Bush/Rove lied our nation into a war that will hurt our nation for generations to come. And they got caught in their big fat lies. The more they struggle to whitewash their lies, the worse they look to Joe and Jane Q. Public.

I've enjoyed this post immensely because the lexrex/Dobson wingnuts won't compromise with the Democrat-wannabe Republicans like Rudy and Fred Thompson and McCain. What's their answer? Punch, kick, gouge and scream against anyone who won't meet the Jonestown Koolaid Taste Test.

This is going to be a wonderful election. It really won't matter who gets the Democrats' nomination now. Anyone who can fog a mirror and gain enough delegates at the national convention will smash what ever creeps out of the quagmire to either embrace or run away from the Cheney/Bush/Rove legacy.

Anonymous said…
Good lord Patsy! What are you thinking?!

Thompson has a famous face...that's it.

Rudy is the only one in the race with a record of results. He is the only one who has actually stood firm and used conservative principles to govern. He is also the only one with proven ability to attract swing you remember them? They fled to the Dems in 06...we need them back on our side...if we ever want to win another election.
Anonymous said…
there is one issue that will matter in 2008.


Because of that, Republicans will lose.

It's really that simple.
lexrex said…
jimmy? rudy and conservative principles? huh?
Anonymous said…
read the record. Tax cuts, welfare reform, tough on crime, etc... He turned NYC around using solid conservative principles.

(lexrex you may be one of those who confuses conservatism with social fundamentalism....very different concepts.)
Anonymous said…
Anonymous 9:43 AM (again? a different anonymous? Why anonymous?)

ROFL!! It will be an INTERESTING campaign season anyway.

"Thompson has a famous face...that's it"

Well there IS his record as assistant U.S. attorney 1969-1972; minority counsel, Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities (“Watergate Committee”) 1973-1974; special counsel to Tennessee Governor Lamar Alexander 1980; special counsel, Senate Committee on Foreign Relations 1980-1981; special counsel, Senate Intelligence Committee 1982; member, Tennessee Appellate Court Nominating Commission 1985-1987; actor; elected as a Republican to the United States Senate on November 8, 1994 where he served for 10 years.

He's actually got a more substantial record than ANY potential Democratic nominee.
Anonymous said…
What has Thompson actually accomplished? When has he been in charge? Looks like he spent a lot of time working for other people, then 10 years in a big spending, government growing Congress?
Anonymous said…
Jimmy. Hahahahaha! You're named after a penis.
Anonymous said…
The litmus test for me would be a hard line on the illegal-immigration issue. Unfortunately, none of the front-runners, as far I know, are willing to take the non-PC approach to this issue. They are a bunch of wimps.
lexrex said…
(lexrex you may be one of those who confuses conservatism with social fundamentalism....very different concepts.)

hardly different concepts. a conservative "conserves" the fiscal and social principles of the founding of our country, of the constitution and founding documents.

you can't just pick and choose which of those first principles you're going to "conserve," especially bedrock principles such as inalienable rights, and still be considered a conservative.

differing on a couple less important principles is one thing, but to completely turn inalienable things such as marriage and the right to life on their heads is quite another.

in fact, the republican party, itself, was established on those two pillars: inalienable rights and marriage.

perhaps you have a different standard, but on the standard i just laid out, rudy falls short. and that is why he has little to no chance.
Anonymous said…
JImmy, impaling someone in the rear with a broomstick now has a slang name.

As the New York police officers told Abner Louima when your hero was mayor and they stuck it to louima, "you've been Giuliani'd".

I don't want my country giulian'd.
Anonymous said…
I believe that we should "conserve" the power of the federal government, not expand it to advance a social agenda.
Anonymous said…
Novak, by any standard is a criminal
and a traitor.

The fact that you don't all see it
is indicitave of the extent to which
you have been brainwashed
by the forces who control you.

Click those jackboots, you lacky dogs.

Owww, owww, owww.
Patti said…

If one of the pillars of Republicanism is marriage, they should be supporting same-sex marriage.
Anonymous said…
The greatest threat to the world in the next few years would be a weakened America. Who better than Rudy to keep us strong, fight terrorism and build confidence in America?

I cannot remember voting for a pro-choice candidate but I will next year. I think it is that important.
Anonymous said…
Congressional campaign political director and US Senate campaign volunteer available to help campaigns. Contact Ben at for more information.

Any WC moron wonder why a gov’t employee uses a tax payer email to line his pocket?

Iowa Crop Circles Explained
Here’s the theory.

When they’re done sucking the brains out of abducted humans, the aliens return them to earth. The re-entry path of the discard ships places them over Iowa at drop altitude.

The discards spin through the corn fields making bizarre patterns. They come to a screeching stop in SD.

Explains a lot.

Nightie night, crime fighters.
Anonymous said…
6:34, I'm with you. But I wish Rudy would extend that toughness against terrorism to illegal immigration. (Yes, I posted earlier on this...called everybody wimps.) Other than that, I am willing to overlook his stance on abortion and a few other things because he is strong where it matters.
Anonymous said…
PP, 9:33 should be deleted. It crosses the line and offers no redeeming value.
Anonymous said…
No, leave it. It's true and funny!
James said…
The point of conserving something is to NOT change the definition of that act. Specifically with marriage that has always been between a man and a woman. Just because two men want to have gay sex with each other doesn't mean we should change the definition of marriage.
If 5 people decide they all love each other and want to be together should we allow them all to marry as well?
The gay and lesbian community is a special interest group. They are especially interested in themselves and their agenda only! Thompson said it best when asked about supporting gay marriage, "I don't think we should set up special categories for certain groups of people."

Like I said, if someone wants to go out and have gay sex that is their right, don't expect us to allow you extra rights just because you want gay sex.
PP said…
7:37 - aside from the fact that Augie is not a government institution, I believe Ben is a student.

You illustrate your ignorance wonderfully.
Angie said…

So when you have sex, do you specifically call it "straight" sex all the time? You seem very careful to indicate that "gay sex" is somehow different (literally, morally, whatever) from "straight sex." Wow, PLEASE be more homophobic.

Allowing same-sex couples to get married isn't "special" rights. That's actually the entire point (which you seem pretty keen on missing). Gay and lesbian people want the same rights as you and I more, no less.
lexrex said…
jimmy 3:46, then you disavow the principles upon which our nation and the republican party were founded?

elias, no make no sense.

a big liberal 9:27, an indication of rudy-things to come.

rudy endoresed cuomo against pataki. he opposed tax cuts and called steve forbes' flat tax a mistake.

now all the sudden he's running for president and he's selling himself as a reaganite. don't believe the hype.
Angie said…

I always love your ability to point-by-point disgree with 5 or more people at once. Keep it coming.

That being said, I don't know about the Republican party, but I wasn't aware that our nation was founded on conservative (read: Christian) principles. Maybe you read a different history book than I did, but I was under the impression that the framers of our Constitution created something we've come to call "the seperation of church and state." Weird!

On a completely different note, saying Steve Forbes' flat tax is a 'mistake' is putting it lightly. I would use words more like "devestating," but that's just me. And most of America.
Anonymous said…
Hey, what's that sound?

A sucking sound? No, wait, I hear timbers cracking. People running away and screaming for their lives.

That sound?

Oh, yeah! I heard this last spring. It's the sound of that big tent GOP Party SHRINKING! Again!

Run for your lives!
Anonymous said…
Well, I don’t like McCain. He would sell his soul to whoever can get him the most votes. I don’t like Giuliani and his “Harem”. And Fred Thompson is no Ronald Reagan! So, if you’re a true Conservative, why not Vice President Dick Cheney for President in 2008?

New York Sun Editorial
April 4, 2007

Summary of reasons as to why Cheney should run:

1. The one that who would bring the most to the race is Vice President Cheney.

2. The administration would have a defender on the campaign trail as part of the public debate. Senator McCain, Mr. Bush's political rival, voted against some of Mr. Bush's tax cuts. Mayor Giuliani seems to rebuke of George W. Bush by saying "it's time now that we have a president that knows how to get things done."

3. Has foreign policy experience.

4. Has economic policy experience

5. Lynne Cheney would make one of the greatest First Ladies

6. Lawrence Kudlow hopes President Bush asks Vice President Cheney to run for president.

7. Is so much more experienced and shrewd a figure.

8. Could help settle some of the arguments about the Bush years in favor of Mr. Bush.

9. His stature would put him instantly into the first rank of contenders on the Republican side.

10. Extending Mr. Bush's campaign for freedom around the world and cutting taxes at home.

11. Says “The only way for us to lose is to quit.” (Iraq)

Well, we are looking for a good Republican Conservative. Why not CHENEY FOR PRESIDENT!

Anonymous said…
Interesting....lexrex, you see to be making up GOP must be one of those newcomer below, from the, it's not the Focus on the Family site...or the Family Research Council... or Concerned Women for's the RNC site.

Republican Principles

I'm a Republican Because...

I BELIEVE the strength of our nation lies with the individual and that each person’s dignity, freedom, ability and responsibility must be honored.

I BELIEVE in equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, creed, sex, age or disability.

I BELIEVE free enterprise and encouraging individual initiative have brought this nation opportunity, economic growth and prosperity.

I BELIEVE government must practice fiscal responsibility and allow individuals to keep more of the money they earn.

I BELIEVE the proper role of government is to provide for the people only those critical functions that cannot be performed by individuals or private organizations, and that the best government is that which governs least.

I BELIEVE the most effective, responsible and responsive government is government closest to the people.

I BELIEVE Americans must retain the principles that have made us strong while developing new and innovative ideas to meet the challenges of changing times.

I BELIEVE Americans value and should preserve our national strength and pride while working to extend peace, freedom and human rights throughout the world.

FINALLY, I believe the Republican Party is the best vehicle for translating these ideals into positive and successful principles of government.
Jimmy, Those GOP principles are really something aren't they!

"each person’s dignity, freedom, ability and responsibility must be honored." Of Course! Look at what Bush has done and the GOP talks about dignity and responsibility! Ha!

"equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, creed, sex, age or disability." They have got to be kidding right? Equal rights and equal justice? Don’t they mean equal rights and equal justice for Republicans only? Evidently they have been living in a cave for the past few years!

“government must practice fiscal responsibility” Totally Nuts! The Republicans have one of the most irresponsible government spending of our tax money in history! Do any of you GOP nuts remember that when President Bush TOOK OVER we had several years of surplus budgets! And now we have massive deficits and foreign governments are financing our country! Don’t you GOP Loyal Bushies realize that you have borrowed more dollars from overseas than the other 42 U.S. presidents combined! Yes, you have intentionally mortgaged our country. What the heck is wrong with you? And then you say you believe in fiscal responsibility! Makes a great sound bite doesn’t it!

“provide for those critical functions that cannot be performed by individuals and the best government is that which governs least.” For God’s Sake! The Republicans across the United States are being referred to as “Nanny” Politicians! Just look at our own South Dakota political process this year with its Republican “Nanny Legislation” ideas! And just wait till next year!

“a government close to the people.” Well your doing “a heck of a good job” there! You read our emails, listen in on our telephone calls, spy on us as we go about our lives, and wonder how and who we are having sex with! Yes, you have definitely reached your goal of being “close to the people”!

“American values and pride and also extending human rights”. I think you better ask anyone outside the United States just what they think of our vales and pride and above all our “human rights” the past few years! Yes, you are extending peace throughout the world, and by God you will give them peace even if you have to kill all of them to do it!

“ the Republican Party is the best vehicle for translating these ideals into positive and successful principles of government.” Yes, the GOP did translate to the world these ideals mentioned above. But I would think that very few would agree that there was anything “positive” about it!

It’s sure nice to say the GOP has all these good intention principles. But you have to truly believe in what you say! You have to walk the walk not just talk the talk!
Patti said…

I'm not interested in participating in gay sex, being female and straight. How is a union between two people redefining marriage?

Was marriage re-defined when women were no longer considered the property of the man?

Was marriage re-defined when people could choose their partner rather than having it arranged by their parents?

If the only definition of 'marriage' is that one partner has a penis and the other partner has a vagina, that's a pretty poor definition of marriage.
lexrex said…
what's the point of arguing conservatism with "a big liberal?" especially one who has little knowledge of the roots of conservatism or the founding of our nation.
lexrex said…
jimmy, if you know your history of the united states then you know i'm not making anything up.
lexrex said…
and jimmy, read the original republican platform and this from today's platform. i'm hardly making anything up:

"The South Dakota Republican Party believes that the fundamental principles of the Republican
Party are rooted in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, and the
Constitution of the State of South Dakota. The Party supports the preservation of our Republic, its
ideals and institutions for the good of all Americans and adamantly opposes the erosion of these
cherished freedoms.

...The South Dakota Republican Party supports the teaching of the Mayflower Compact, the
Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, the Federalist Papers and other important
historical documents, as well as the teaching of World, American, South Dakota , and American
Indian history, emphasizing the principles and values upon which our nation was founded.
Page 658 2005 South Dakota Legislative Manual
The Party also supports the display of the Ten Commandments in our schools if the display
conforms to our state laws.

...61. The South Dakota Republican Party recognizes the family as the central core of society and
the foundation of our state and nation, and supports the family as it nurtures the spiritual
growth that fosters generosity of spirit and responsible citizenship.
62. The South Dakota Republican Party recognizes that our country was founded in faith upon the
truth that self-government is rooted in religious convictions. The Constitution guards against
the establishment of state-sponsored religions and honors the free exercise of religion. The
courts must respect this freedom and the original intent of the framers of the constitution.
63. The South Dakota Republican Party encourages parents/guardians, schools and libraries to
secure their computers against on-line pornography and predators.
64. The South Dakota Republican Party opposes cultural pollution in music, videos, printed or
electronic media which glamorizes illegal drug usage and the exploitation or abuse of adults
and children.
65. The South Dakota Republican Party believes that marriage is the union of one man and one
woman and must never be redefined to include civil unions of same-sex couples, or groups of
individuals. To defend the sanctity of marriage, we support the passage of the Federal Marriage
Amendment and appropriate South Dakota statutes.
66. The South Dakota Republican Party reaffirms its long-standing historic support and respect for
the sanctity of human life, including the unborn, the elderly, the chronically ill and the terminally
67. The South Dakota Republican Party opposes partial birth abortion and supports the recent
congressional ban on partial birth abortion. We support those who provide alternatives to abortion
or offer adoption services.
68. The South Dakota Republican Party, consistent with South Dakota law, opposes funding abortions
with public resources."
Angie said…
That's right, Lexrex. I must have no idea what conservatism is all about, having lived in South Dakota my entire life.

I must have absolutely no idea what any of this is all about, with a family of social conservatives.

Yup. I must be completely clueless.
lexrex said…
good, substantive comeback, big liberal.
Anonymous said…
Where's the part about the SDRP rejecting evolution LEXREX? Not proud of that one? Why don't you print the language of that so we all can see it? It's not in the 2005 Legislative Manual.
lexrex said…
scimitar, you have your facts straight? i don't believe the party platform reject evolution.
Anonymous said…
On Abortion:

"Government should stay out of it... The ultimate decision must be made by the women... Government should treat its citizens as adults capable of making moral decisions on their own."

-- Fred Thompson, July 1994

Not for him....but this is interesting
Anonymous said…
VJ - aren't you worried about cheney's daughter "dyking out" in the Lincoln Bedroom?
Anonymous said…
It's shrinking, shrinking, shrinking.
lexrex said…
thanks, jimmy 9:34.

see, we should slow down and put more thought into it before we dub thompson a conservative, pro-lifer. people are too quick to endorse candidates. it's april 2007. go easy.
Anonymous said…
Then put it up there LEXREX and we'll decide for ourselves.
Anonymous said…
jimmy 9:34

Where are you taking that quote from? You obviously have a source, but don't list it.
Anonymous said…
I think that it is generous to use the term "gay sex." I think that we should continue to call it what it is--Homosexual Perversion--that is the diagnosis in my text books. It is using the human body in a way that it was not created to be used--and it causes all kinds of medical issues--which causes us all to pay more in insurance premiums and in Medicaid assistence.
I'm not homophobic (stupid word) I am just practical, educated, and correct! Homosexual Perversion--Pervert--for short--just like bestiality, pedophile, etc....
Anonymous said…
Suggested reading.
"American Fascists — 'Persecution' Chapter"
Give it a look and something about yourself.
Anonymous said…
learn... learn something about yourself.
Anonymous said…
From the 2006 SDGOP platform:

Resolution 16:

WHEREAS, education on species origin is a vital aspect in the understanding of nature and the purpose of human life; and,

WHEREAS, evolution is a theory that is taught in public schools as fact and at the exclusion of all other theories; and

WHEREAS, the South Dakota Republican Party believes there are other plausible theories, including creationism;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the South Dakota Republican Party supports efforts to expand beyond evolution the knowledge, scope, and debate in public education on the theories of species origin.
Anonymous said…
There's a theory that aliens placed us here on the rock. The GOP wants that taught in school?

Probably doesn't belong in science class - nor does creationism.

Only the nanny-state folks would want public schools (i.e. government) to take over the parents' function of teaching religion to kids.
Anonymous said…
When you look at the facts
It takes an equal amount of FAITH to believe aliens placed us here as it does to believe in evolution.
It takes an equal amount of FAITH to believe that there is an intelligent design behind our complex selves.
South Dakota students are smart enough to chose what they believe GIVEN THE FACTS. The FACTS make evolution a theory--it actually doesn't even have enough evidence to be a good theory.

It is time to quit teaching the religion of evolution in our schools and introduce our students to the facts!
Anonymous said…
No facts to support evolution? What the !@#$% are you talking about???
Anonymous said…
That's the usual gambit. To misuse the word "theory" and to argue a case that has absolutely no evidence to support it by challenging the mountains (literally) of evidence on the opposing side.

And there is no arguing with them because they are dilusional.

The semblence of rationality is just that, a semblence.

Interesting though that they use the jargon of rational discourse at least.

This is only because the hysterical ravings of fanatical religious testimony are no longer effective in a semi-enlightened society.

You have to at least have a thin veneer of rationality these days.
Anonymous said…
12:26, you don't believe in gravity either, do you?

We're all just held on the surface of the earth by God's Will?
Anonymous said…
"The square of the hypoteneuse of a right triangle is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides.."

That's a geometry theory.

"Energy is equal to mass times the speed of light
squared. (E=MC2)

That's a physics theory.

" 1+1=2"

That's number theory.

"Creationists don't understand what a theory is."

That's my theory.
Anonymous said…
Will the American public elect a 66 year old Republican with treatable but inoperable/incurable cancer in '08?

Three strikes and Fred Thompson is out.

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