Hey. Don't forget the beg button...

I must be getting forgetful - I've forgotten to hawk the beg button for several weeks. So please click on the pay pal beg button on the right to help keep the SDWC on the web.

I also have advertising space available. Contact me for details.

Thanks in advance for your patronage and readership!


Anonymous said…
I will pay you to quit!
Anonymous said…
I think you should quit showing other blogs, especially the nasty loony lefty ones. Why throw business their way? I would never access them unless I see headlines that really interest me when they appear on your site. Or at least, don't link to anybody who doesn't link to you.
Anonymous said…
beggin people to support your crappy blog -- alltime new low
PP said…
9:41, apparently you don't read blogs much, do you?

It's very common. Just think of me as "just like PBS...."
Anonymous said…
PP, PBS doesn't beg for contributions. That's Friends of Public Broadcasting. Think of it as a foundation....one that gives only a fraction of its earnings to the network.

PBS, on the other hand, just shows up or sends somebody else to make sure they receive their entitlement from Mother Government.

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