Maybe it's just me being unreasonable again.....

Maybe it's just me being unreasonable again, but I personally think it's kind of crappy that they gave the guy driving the firetruck that got in an accident a citation for overdriving conditions, as reported at
Sitzman was cited for overdriving road conditions, but Alexander says the investigation by the state Highway Patrol showed that the truck was only going about 35 miles an hour, about 5 miles above the posted speed limit on that section of Sioux Avenue. Sitzman also was given a breathalyzer test which showed that he had not been drinking.


Alexander says Sitzman will be disciplined internally by the department. But Alexander says Sitzman, who drives truck for a living and who has expressed regret for the accident, will remain on the department.
Yes, he might have been 5 miles over the speed limit. Personally, I'd have to go look to see what the posted speed limit is on the s-curve is, since as long as I've lived here, it has been 35MPH on either side leading up to the short curve. If it hadn't been raining, the truck likely would not have hydroplaned. In fact, it's probably more of a freak accident than anything.

I look at it this way; He was driving a truck responding to a fire alarm. Hence, the sirens and the flashy red and blue lights (not to mention the laws) telling people to get out of the way. They need to get to the scene post-haste to protect life and property. I'd want them to get to the scene as quickly as possible.

Plus, we're talking 35 on a road which doubles as a 4 lane state highway - not 45 or 55 down a side street.

Despite what KELO is reporting on the matter...
Noting that some people feel Pierre firefighters drive too fast on the way to fires, officials say they'll review the fire department's response policies.
(Read that here.) Speaking for myself, I'd have to cut the guy some slack. He was doing his job, and that's what the taxpayers expect him to do. He went 5 miles over the posted speed limit in the interest of protecting us? Good for him.

He needs an "atta boy" instead of the static he's getting.


Anonymous said…
Losing control of your vehicle and smashing two parked cars should draw tickets.

We expect everybody to live by the same rules, police officers and firefighters included. We expect everyone to exercise caution and prudence in their driving as a matter of public safety.

If PP's vehicle were run over by the fire truck, or his kids struck by an out-of-control vehicle, he'd be less sympathetic - GUARANTEED.
Anonymous said…
It's only a speeding ticket they gave him. He could have gotten a ticket for careless driving or even reckless driving. Looks like they did cut him some slack given the situation.
Anonymous said…
good lord did you see how demolished the vehicle was which he slammed into?
Anonymous said…
He didn't get to the scene at all you knucklehead. He overdrove conditions and got a ticket for overdriving conditions. How is that wrong?
Anonymous said…
PP being unreasonable? No way. You should be the guy in charge of a committee that gets to decide who gets cut slack, and who doesn't.

32-31-5. Duty of operator to use care--Liability for recklessness. The provisions of this chapter shall not relieve the driver of an authorized emergency vehicle from the duty to drive with due regard for the safety of all persons, nor shall such provisions protect the driver from the consequences of his reckless disregard for the safety of others.

Source: SDC 1939, § 44.0320 as added by SL 1959, ch 252, § 1; SL 1963, ch 254; SL 1967, ch 191.
Anonymous said…
atta boy! Way to crash the firetruck.

atta boy! way to wreck two other vehicles.

atta boy! good thing you didn't kill anybody.

Is that enough "atta boys" PP? Why don't you just admit that you were a little off with this one?
Anonymous said…
SDCL 32-31-5 is a Nanny State law. It can be simply disregarded, while eating greaseburgers slathered in ketchup.
Anonymous said…
If this had happened after July 1, it wouldn't have gone on his record.

How many of you have ever driven 5 mph over the speed limit? He was doing it as he's been trained in the line of duty.

Shame on you for picking on this fireman. Are you going to go after cops next?
Anonymous said…
People. PP. Did you actually READ what you posted?

A) he was cited for overdriving road conditions, not speeding
B) you can be overdriving road conditions without speeding
C) it's against the law to drive an emergency vehicle in such a manner
D) it's not against the law to speed in an emergency vehicle, but 5 mph over the limit can be overdriving road conditions in some cases. Like this one, apparently.
E) did you see the picture of the scrunched car? If that car had PP's brood in it....oh my
Anonymous said…
A rookie driving the ladder truck around a tricky corner on a cold rainy day.

Attaboy, PP!
PP said…
10:30, I believe he drives truck for a living.
Publisher said…
Yes indeed, he is a truck driver!
Anonymous said…
If he drives a truck for a living then all the more reason he be cited for violating the law and, as events proved, creating a dangerous situation.
Anonymous said…
Are we sure the Highway Patrol released all the names of those involved? Maybe they stopped many others and arrested them also? Maybe there were more charges? Come oN HP give it up correctly......
Anonymous said…
Wow, it sure seems like a lot of those liberal trail attorneys are trying to make their point on this blog subject!

Doesn’t take long for those wingnuts to place blame does it!

Wonder if they all showed up before the wheels stopped turning?
Anonymous said…
So vj, if we agree with the police conclusion about this wreck that makes us liberal trial attorneys? Wow. Okay. But, it doesn’t make us wrong.

The people who investigated the accident until well after the wheels stopped turning concluded that driving an emergency vehicle over the posted speed limit and faster than was prudent in slippery conditions was a citable offense. Makes more sense than giving the guy an atta boy.
Anonymous said…
Reminds me of the US servicemen who are being criticized for doing their jobs.

I would hope he'd do the same thing the next time, but why would he? We'll be lucky if he remains on the force. Most people would say "Thanks, but no thanks."
Anonymous said…
Right on 11:43!! You hit the nail on the head!

Well, you hit the nail on the head assuming it was his job to ram his fire truck into a parked car, causing that to crash into a pickup, doing about $30,000 damage to the fire truck, and oh, by the way, NOT GETTING TO THE CALL.

Yeah, I would hope he’d do the same thing next time too. That would be excellent.

Reminds me of "friendly fire"

Anonymous said…
Good one 11:53!
Anonymous said…
Forget the stupid citation.

Fail to get to the call and endanger people's property and lives, and PP says "attaboy!"
Anonymous said…
Lay off of PP. He just thinks people who drive badly and cause accidents and damage taxpayer property and private property need a pat on the back.

PP believes that negligence should be rewarded. Why else would he be the big Bush supporter that he is? - negligence should be rewarded.

To everyone out there who is failing to perform as expected - ATTABOY from PP
Anonymous said…
This guy drives a truck for a living.

Good think PP doesn't write for a living.

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