SDP noticed that too...
Dems hire Animal Activist?
Overall, a good day

I see SDP also picked up on the new SDDP Co-Communications director this evening as well. Much like the character in DMPCARR's novel, I psychically sense more state legislative seats swinging to the GOP this next election....

Isn't it Sibby's turn to chime in on this? Progressive Republican? South Dakota Straight Talk?

I'll be watching for more on this.

*BIG UPDATE!* I was so amused by what one of the new communications people had posted on the internet, I hadn't even delved into the writings of his spouse and co-communcations director Elesha Peterson Carr.

Elesha describes herself as a vegetarian, which is certainly her choice. Far be it from me to throw stones at that. Although I always thought lettuce and it's ilk were what "food" ate, versus being food itself. But then, she just steps a little too far over the line and notes in one of the articles on her website:
I always wonder what the scoop is with that obtuse billboard on I- 90 coming from Sioux Falls stating “South Dakotans Reject Animal Activists”. Say what? Which South Dakotans? I don’t reject myself and my husband’s 80-year-old rancher grandfather doesn’t reject me. So who is it? The millions of tourists (many of them vegetarians) coming to our state each year must be impressed with this warm welcoming statement.
What? What? Did I miss something? From her own comments, it would appear to me that she's labeleing herself as an animal activist. In addition to labeling the people who put up the billboard as obtuse.

Are we to imply by her words that she condones animal activism in South Dakota?

Yes, fellow bloggers on the opposite side of the aisle, I'm sure that's an unfair and extreme example. But when there's statements out on her part like this, it begs the question; How is the South Dakota Democratic Party going to convince voters who can swing one way or the other that they represent mainstream South Dakota when their spokesperson calls herself an animal activist?

There's at least one Democratic State Senator who might not like it (2nd letter).

And for you Dem board members who didn't pick Epp for the job - When I had lunch with him the day of the interviews, I seem to recall he at least ate beef. (It's what's for dinner, you know).

Also, I'm back in Pierre tonight, and despite the long circuit to Eureka, Brookings, Sioux Falls, Brookings and back to Pierre, I had a really good day. Saw the family. Slept in my new bed in my new house for the 4th or 5th time. Had a good meeting on some personal business. And a good trip to Sam's Club.

If you have 6 kids like me, you're shopping in bulk as well.

Last night I had a conversation with our good Senator Brock Greenfield - I was pulling into Clark and was going to get gas at his service station, so I called first - and it figures, he was in Mitchell. After some ribbing about not getting the scoop on his new job, I did find out he's going to be in Pierre more often. So, I'm sure we'll have to go out for an adult beverage or two on occasion.

During the drive, I had some interesting thoughts about Brock with his position as the new Executive Director for South Dakota Right to Life. I think it might elevate his position in the legislature. Not only does he have the voters of his district behind him, but now he's head of a statewide organization that's fairly active. If you mess with him, are you messing with SDRTL?

But that also might hold true with other legislators - Ed Olson as head of the MAINstream Moderate coalition. Bill Napoli as the head of the emerging STOP2006 drive. And others who head motivated, organized membership groups. If you take on the head of an organization, do you possibly have a legislative tiger by the tail?

Only time will tell. I'll be curious to see what this next legislative session brings for all of them.


Anonymous said…
unreal--the new democratic "co-communications directors"--so professional NOT. Have you seen Carr's website--bio--great picture--nice touch with the cig hanging out of his mouth! What connections or pictures did this couple have with the hiring committee? His spouse, an animal activist--maybe she should live in California! Or, I guess the Demos just want to lose!! Off to the county auditor for a registration change!! As a female professional I think these hires are obscene. Surely there had to be better candidates for this position!!!!! My guess is that the demo hiring committee was too afraid to hire a professional????
Jackson said…
Congratulations. You have adopted the art of petty, personal insult and ad hominem attack of SDP. You are now a full fledged Republican. You can proudly display your certificate of pettiness and meanness on your blog logo. For a few weeks we almost thought you forgot what it is to be a true South Dakota Republican.
PP said…
Jackson -

Frankly I don't really care what she thinks (or eats). My point was if she considers herself an animal activist, she's likely not going to be an effective communicator trying to win over the hearts and minds of our largely agricultural state.

And, wasn't it just a few weeks ago I was talking smack to my fellow Republican Clarence Kooista?

Farther back, I hit Sibby hard enough that after a e-mail discussion with him, I removed the post because I thought it as unneccesarily mean.

If someone decides to place themselves in "the game" they'd better be ready to take a bump or two. It goes with the territory.

And isn't calling me "petty and mean " doing the exact same thing you are accusing me of?
Anonymous said…
Sorry. I'm not sure why it's even a big deal to be an animal activist. So you don't like the inhumane treatment of animals? You've got to at least respect the conviction.

It's not like they're not fighting against the inhumane treatment of pedophiles or anything like that.

There's a difference between different types of animal activists. There are those who believe in the fair treatment of animals, and there are those that are militant -- groups like PETA and the like -- that go out of thier way to be "over the top." There's a difference between those who believe farm animals shouldn't be smashed into cages and forced to live in incredibly inhumane locales and those who feel that anyone who eats meat should be shot.

Don't lump everyone into the same boat. I'd be proud to have someone who's willing to stand up for thier beliefs, regardless of how "popular" it is in the state, rather than someone like Herseth who just concedes every decision to the winning group.
Jackson said…
Sorry. The magnanimity of disqualifying someone for a communications position because she is an animal rights activist and a vegetarian did not register on me at first reading. And neither did the graciousness of impugning someone's ability before they even start a new job. I acknowledge the largesse of the your post and will not call personal disparagements by any other name.
Anonymous said…
The article makes another great point. Let's face it, the democratic party is a conglomeration of fruits, nuts and flakes. Their pick is truly a representative reflection of their membership. They really should not be ashamed about hiring someone who can fire up their base, that's just good grassroots politics; however, I am very glad you have pointed this politically volitile factoid out.
Anonymous said…
I don't think they can fire up what is left of the base--it is imploding as we blog--the party was split and now more so
In response to you invitation to comment on the recent hirings by the SDDP. I have nothing to add. What I could offer has already been said very well.

Although I suspect the reason the amateurs were brought up to play in the "bigs" before working their way up through the farm system has more do to do with a lack of funds than it was their experience and/or talent outweighs any personal preferences they may have.

And I can guess what coming from our friends on the other side of the spectrum, nasty Republicans with all of their money. Bad, evil, sick and wrong nasty Republicans.

Well, I am not ready to concede that point. And in fact, during the 20 years I have spent raising money for the GOP and its candidates and then tracking against our competion and their standard bearers in campaign finance reports, three trends consistently emerge. SD GOPs raise more money from South Dakotans, the average contribution to SD Republican Party and their candidates is LESS than their counterparts, and finally the SD GOP and candidates raise more money than the SDDP. Bottom line: Contributions=support=political success.

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