Battle of the West River Senators

It's not often that you get seven or eight State Senators drug into one letter to the editor, but it happened in today's Rapid City Journal:
Re-elect Napoli

Stan Adelstein, during the 2004 Republican primaries, gave Senator Jim Lintz's opponent $6,906, Senator Bob Gray's opponent $1,000, Senator Lee Schoenbeck's opponent $1,000, and Senator Jason Gant's opponent $1,000. Adelstein tried to defeat conservative candidates in order to stack the Republican Senate with people supportive of his tax and spend agenda. All of Adelstein's candidates lost. Adelstein has served six years in the South Dakota Legislature and has sponsored or cosponsored 13 bills to increase the tax burden on South Dakota citizens.

This election cycle Adelstein is trying to unseat a conservative Republican, my friend and colleague Senator Bill Napoli. Mr. Adelstein is using his financial resources to assist Senator Napoli's opponent in the Republican primary for state senator.

If the voters of District 35 want someone who will be obligated to vote however Adelstein determines, by all means vote for Bill Napoli's opponent. However, if voters of District 35 want a strong, articulate and independent voice, with no strings attached, in the state Senate then vote for Senator Bill Napoli in the June 6th Republican primary for state senator. There is no denying Senator Bill Napoli's passion when representing his constituents to the best of his considerable talents.

Jerry has a very valid point in that Senator Adelstein has used his deep pockets to fund races against his colleagues (or those who would be) in the past, and is expected to do so again this year.

It's a real wildcard in the races, because candidates who would normally have no chance in blazes of winning are then placed into more serious competition. And they have Stan to thank for it. Or in this case, condemn him for it.


Anonymous said…
I am so tired of these Black Hills clowns screaming about taxes and spending when every single one of them voted for the Homestake $20 million boondogle. How stupid do they think their consitutients are?

They're as bad as the borrow and spend Republican members in Congress right now. Whatever happened to the party of restraint, fiscal discipline, and spending priorities that I joined on my 18th birthday?

Apa demanded a "blood oath" from a state offical during the legislature that a program funded by a $500k federal grant wouldn't become a state funded program THREE YEARS FROM NOW. What BS.

Their real goal is simple: tax East River (64% of state sales tax collections, I believe), spend West River. I may not agree with Adelstein's social agenda, but, for these guys to hammer him on taxation and spending issues is fraud, pure and simple.

Like they say in that other ranching state, Texas, these guys are all hat and no cattle.
Not sure what you are imlying with your "tax east spend west" comment mhs. I know there have been alot of "spend east" moments (morrel bail out for one)
Sales tax collections are higher per capita in Rapid City than they are in Sioux Falls, so far, (Sioux Falls is gaining)
Pennington County is getting Raped in the property tax department as well, compared to Minehaha county.
My best guess is that there is more than 64% of the population East river, maybe if all the facts are laid on the table East river might be getting more than its share. Not that I care that much.
Douglas said…
"it's not often that you get seven or eight State Senators drug into one letter to the editor, "

Drag.. drugged, drugged..the evils of smoking declensions or whatever that English teacher said about the past tense of "drag".

Wish I could limit my errors to such relatively minor ones.

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