Who is that person? OK, I guess I'm married to her.

The Aberdeen American News had a cute story this weekend about KSFY News Director Mitch Krebs and his wife, Republican State Representative Shantel Krebs.:

On his Saturday night show, "KSFY This Week," Mitch has made it a point to mention that he's married to Shantel. He believes he owes it to the viewers to be honest.

But on KSFY's daily newscast, Mitch does not mention his wife's name. If Shantel is included in sound bites, he has co-anchor Nancy Naeve read those stories "just so there's no hint of impropriety," Mitch said.

"I have a standing rule with the people that cover the Legislature. That's, 'Don't go out of your way to interview her because she's my wife and don't ignore her because she's my wife.' If she is the story, then we talk to her. If she's the prime sponsor on a bill or she does something in Pierre that's newsworthy, then we cover it."

Shantel notes that Mitch has to try to distance himself from her activities. "So he does not attend any functions with me, to keep that separate."

Read it all here.

I can understand it. I'm sure there are plenty of times when my wife wants to disavow knowledge of me. Especially when I'm working on some crazy project in the garage designed to further campaign technology for less than $20..


Anonymous said…
I've never met a more unassuming news anchor than Mitch. He is truly a quality guy in a business that is usually led by folks who are so impressed by themselves; they nearly trip over their egos. Kudos to Mitch for being able to maintain his professional integrity during his wife's term.
He clearly over married, but we'll leave that for another time. (kidding)
Anonymous said…
I do thing Mitch runs a right-leaning outfit, though. KSFY just has a different slant on some stories.

I remember when the school funding story broke, KSFY ran a story about how the studies cause a consitutional crisis, and result in higher taxes.

PBS, on the other hand, presented both sides of the issue. Both good and bad.

KELO just reported on the news about the release of the study.

KSFY made the news something other than it was. That raised the flag for me, and I have noticed it in other instances, too.
Anonymous said…
You will not find a finer person or journalist than Mitch Krebs. I have known Mitch as a colleague and friend for nearly ten years. You will not find a more fair minded and even tempered person. Our market is lucky to have someone like him at the helm and I'm lucky to have him as a friend. Plus, he plays a mean saxaphone!

Todd Epp
Mitch Krebs Fan Club Editor
S.D. Watch http://thunewatch.squarespace.com
Anonymous said…
Remember that one time, when Mitch was bald, and then suddenly one night he had hair? That was awesome...

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