Bill Napoli's in the paper, again. Talking about the Statutory Rape thing, again.

From today's letters to the editor in the Rapid City Journal:
Killed for convenience

Some absurd things have been said about me, now we need to consider the truth.

Simple rape (my words) is defined by State Statute, SDCL 22-22-7: "Statutory Rape" is consensual sex with no violence involved; the age difference is no more than three years, i.e., 19-year-old and 16-year-old lovers, yet still considered rape.

How in the world could someone accuse me of forcing a woman to marry her violent rapist? That's the most ludicrous statement of all. Some will say anything, no matter how crazy it is.

I've worked very hard for years for the mothers, children and families of South Dakota. When I've asked those not screaming obscenities long enough to talk: "If rape and incest was in HB1215, would they be OK with the bill?"

"Absolutely not!" "We want abortion on demand, as a means of birth control, for convenience, taxpayer funded abortions." "Even partial birth abortions." "It is our right."

I disagree, as do many others. I'm not splitting hairs. There are those of you who demand to kill your own children. We're talking about innocent babies.

What's happened to our society that over 750 South Dakota babies are killed for convenience?

Rapid City
I hate the fact that this continues to be in the paper. Because this primary campaign race continues to be solely about abortion, and the dispute over what Bill intended to say when he made his comments to the media about inceptions that might be in the bill for rape and incest.

And the worst part is that Bill's opponent, Alice McCoy, hasn't said a thing yet.

When you set the agenda on your own terms - you own the discussion. As far as the talk on statutory rape that has happened to date, nobody wants to claim ownership of that dog. But if he keeps feeding it, it's going to continue to follow Bill home.

My advice? Drop the issue entirely, and focus on running a campaign as an incumbent Senator who holds the line on taxes and spending. Among Republicans, he has a solid reputation with those issues.

That and a solid door to door campaign effort will take Senator Napoli much farther than anything he could say about statutory rape. Bill knows how to set the agenda and get good press - with only 50 days left until the election, it's time that he starts setting the agenda instead of letting others define him.



Anonymous said…
I believe the reason Bill had to write this letter is that he is still getting phone calls since his home and business phone numbers were put on the internet by the pro-aborts. I think it's a good letter, and more power to him for sticking up for the truth. Alice is a totally different person, a follower, not a leader.
Anonymous said…
The smart thing would've been to completely ignore the issue. He would've taken some hits, but then it would've slowly gone away. But he keeps throwing gas on the flame and it's going to screw him over in the long run.

I don't really like Senator Napoli, but I kind of feel sorry for him in this case.
Anonymous said…
I hate to bring this up, but, the Argus put Napoli on a pedastal pre-session by highlighting that he's the least education of anyone in the Legislature. He's showing it here.

He shoots entirely too much from the hip. He makes things worse. If he takes the hap-hazard approach to legislating as he does running his mouth off, I think he shouldn't be reelected.
Anonymous said…
I think the letter was good. I said what he had really stated, and now I know. I didn't before; my fault, I just didn't dig to find it, as most don't. They just rely on headlines.

I also know how upsetting it is to say one thing and then be told that you said another. Good for him to set the record straight.

I don't think the issue would have died of its own. The pro-abortion people wouldn't have let it in an election year.

True that he needs to focus on other issues too, and I think he will. For one thing, he has his tax amendment on the ballot already.
Anonymous said…
Forgot to proofread - sorry. First line should state, "I think the letter was good. HE said what he had..."
Anonymous said…
PP is right (and Right). Bill "Religious Virgin Exception" Napoli would be well served to follow what PP says and stop talking about abortion and stick to topics where he seems to have some positive vibes--taxation and budget. His reference to statutory rape as "simple rape" is completely stupid and just continues to feed the fire that he initially helped to create.

On the other hand, I hope St. Bill DOESN'T follow PP's sage advice and keeps sticking his Size 12s in his prodigious mouth.

Todd Epp
Foot-in-Mouth Editor
S.D. Watch
Anonymous said…
Napoli makes me sick
Anonymous said…
Bill's just closed the loop on this. For Bill. His rebuttle, sent out to papers across the state weeks ago, was published in only a couple and on SDWC.
The Rapid City Journal, the only paper available to his constituancy in district 35, decided not to carry it. So he chose to condense it to a letter to the Ed. He's had his say and has "moved on." But unlike Epp there's no .org.

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