City Commission contest in Pierre. Why are there so few challenges in the most political town in the state?

Tony Mangan over at KCCR News is reporting today that a challenger has arisen in the Pierre City Commission race. The bad thing is that it's one of the few serious challenges that has arisen in years.
A young member of the Pierre community wants to help move the city forward and that is why he is running for city commission.

Jesse Naze has filed petitions to run for the lone open seat on the commission. He will face three-term incumbent Stan Schwellenbach in the June 5th election.

The 26 year old Naze, a North Dakota native has lived in Pierre for almost 2 years and works as a policy analyst at the Department of Social Services. He wants to be part of the city’s future.


Tuesday was the final day to file nominating petitions for either Pierre city commission or school board. No one but the two school board incumbents, Deanne Booth and Norm Lingle, filed petitions for the two open school board seats.
Read that all here.

I think I'm disappointed because in a town driven by politics and it's effects on the state of South Dakota, so few people are willing to stick their necks out and actually take the plunge by running for office.

Now, don't take that as me having a problem with Deanne or Norm, both of who are good people and they'd likely have my vote (if I was still registered here, instead of Brookings). But it's symptomatic of what happens every year in Pierre. People express concerns about this or that in government, and then when it comes down to brass tacks, elections go uncontested. Last election, we had Bob Hockett (who was barely a candidate) run against the incumbent city commissioner. And that was it. The mayor went unchallenged before that, and I think another city commission race was unchallenged before that as well.

School elections are generally uncontested in Pierre. In fact, if you look at it, I believe all but one of our school board members were originally appointed to fill a vacancy, with most having uncontested elections in the intervening years.

Maybe it's just me, but I think self-examination is crucial for government. If we aren't making occasional course corrections, or at least examining whether we should or not, how do we ever find a better way?

So, Jesse - Give them heck this election, and point out how you'd do things differently, or what we might try to make the city a better place. You might win, and you might not.

But at the very least, we'll all be better for the debate.


Anonymous said…
Either learn the difference between “it’s and “its, stop calling yourself the “Professor”, or post in your native tongue!
Anonymous said…
Well, just look at this blog and also Mount Blogmore. I'm talking about the attacks by the liberal Democrats on any politician that doesn't agree them!

Why would any Republican, at any level of government, want to run or get elected and then have to put up with all that crap from the liberals!

Thank God we have some strong Republicans that are willing to stand up and be leaders. It's just a darn shame the abuse they have to suffer in order to serve our State and Country!
Anonymous said…
Fly away post 4:59p.
This is a blog and if you don't like how PP or "others" post feel free to post or join another blog.

By the way no this is NOT PP.
Anonymous said…
Charley's right, the notion that this blog has some sort of educational value is laughable. Once PP got done teaching us about yard signs, he ran out of material.
Anonymous said…
Right on 7:58! No dissent should be tolerated here. Hail the Great and Powerful PP or leave!
Anonymous said…
Gee, trying to make a comment just got harder! Whats up with accepting posts?

Anyway, When I read blogs I really don't look for correctness of spellings and etc. I just read the post and maybe respond.
I read emough emails and letters that it doesn't matter. If they are business then it matters.
I read enough older peoples emails with mis-spellings and run together words that I figure out what they mean and if in doubt I ask.
What I have a problem with is the mis-spellings in school books!!! That is plain WRONG!
I am not saying that I always agree with PP but I just don't care about spellings and some grammar. Heck I make mistakes all the time and I also admit I am not good at proofing my own writings. I can look right over them...I knew what I was trying to say. Now you know my field is not writing.
Would be nice but it isn't.
Maybe we need to take a poll and see who really cares about spelling on blogs?????
Anonymous said…
It's not PP's fault. It's Blogger for not have spell and grammer check. Well, maybe it's not their fault, either, so it's gotta be Microsoft's (correct usage of ', anyone?) fault, right. Of course, they didn't invent computers, so it's gotta be IBM's fault. Or Control Data, maybe. Of course, they're bankrupt, so, the only recourse left is the federal government.

when do I get my check?
Anonymous said…
You turkeys who are trashing this blog forget that it links to all the icky blogs that you people frequent. This is a PET PEEVE of mine and wish PP would not do it. How many of the blogs that you PP criticizers frequent link to HIS? STOP IT PP!!!
Anonymous said…
Since I'm the turkey who started this let me clarify – I think the blog is fine. One of its best features is its links and its RSS feeds. And every once in a while PP stumbles into an interesting rumor.

His own nanny behavior (ie. “I’ve heard something but I'm not going to tell you yet.” Either post or don't but stop the teases. Also his (and Epp's) stupid attack on the Mitchell paper is a prime example) is annoying as his inability to properly use "it's" and "its". And his fear of a nanny state is morphing into anarchy (ie. Crash a fire tuck and do tens of thousands of dollars in damage because you didn't bother to follow the law or drive safely? No problem!).

But it is what it is. To suggest no one should take issue with PP’s posts (7:58) or that PP not link to “icky” blogs (11:52) is stupid. You who fear opposing views should stay away from blogs altogether. You contribute nothing and will only be frightened at what you see.
Anonymous said…

I'm sure PP is terribly concerned about all anonymous commenters' pet peeves when he's building and managing his blog.
Anonymous said…
12:59 what does anonymity have to do with it? Ideas are good or bad on their merit, not based on the identity of their proponents.
Anonymous said…
A pet peeve is less an idea and more a complaint. In the case of links or RSS feeds to blogs you don't like - or find "icky" - I would venture a guess that PP probably has his own ideas on what he wants to link to on his blog.

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