Senator John Thune on Iraq at

In the April 2007 Edition of, U.S. Senator John Thune gives a brief interview on why he believes the United States needs to prevail in the war occurring in Iraq:
[Q:] Why do you think that that message is not being received by these war protesters?
[A:] It is probably emanates from different world view but that defies thousands of years of experience. What you’ve got are brutal dictators. If you don’t confront it those types of regimes they prey on weakness. The reason the United States has been able to continue to maintain its position of prominence in the world of being the world superpower is because we’ve always recognized that to achieve peace you have to stay strong. The way to avoid conflict around the world is to project strength. The anti-war left honestly believes that you can reason and negotiate with these types of people. In the end it’s partly, I think, perpetuated by the media constantly running negative stories about the good work that our men and women in the Middle East are trying to accomplish.
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Anonymous said…
So Thune wants to get rid of all the brutal dictators? North Korea next? Sudan? So many dictatorships, so little time.
Anonymous said…
Exactly what dictator has us bogged down in Iraq? Tough to project strength in light of the debacle that is Iraq.
Anonymous said…
Maybe Loony Thune should walk the walk and suit up as a soldier instead of avoiding military service. Put some real boots on the boy and he might get another idea about being another stooge for the Cheney/Rove/Rumsfeld message machine.
Anonymous said…
When has Thune avoided military service?
Anonymous said…
He's an empty suit, just like his heroes in the Cheney/Bush/Rove White House. Chicken hawks who love sending other people's kids off to die in a jihad that they started.

Looney Thune is a chicken hawk. Never wore the uniform. Never sought enlistment. But he sure loves sending people to wars that were started by a trail of lies.
Anonymous said…
Two Dems--neither of them with any manners or respect wrote ALL of these comments.

Deputy Dawg--did you have a mother? Did she teach you to have respect for everyone--not just those who agree with you. You show yourself to be a small person when you are so unkind and disrespectful. Shame on you.
Anonymous said…
How in the hell do you respect people who lie our nation into a war and slaughter our men and women in uniform as a result of their purposeful deceptions?

Shame on you.
Historian said…
What most people forget is that the intelligence President Bush had to work with was Clinton's.
Second, every free nation thought Saddam had WMD's. Those who now say otherwise are ignorant since Saddam used WMDs on his own people.
Third, have can any self-respecting individual abandon 50,000,000 Iraq's who want to be free?
Historian said…
Another thought - If the USA does not stand up to the terrorist, who will?
Cut and Run has never lead to anyones freedom.

The soldiers are ALL volunteers. It was their choice to join, unlike those who died in NYC on 9/11.
Anonymous said…
Historian? I would guess the opposite from your two postings here. What's next? You've got proof the holocaust didn't happen? And the Vietnam War was Bill Clinton's fault?

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