Speaking of Representative Noem...... Apparently we have a legislative Blogger in our midst

As you will note, on the prior post I had commented on how this past election, I didn't care for Representative Noem's campaign logo (but then again, why should she care, she won).

As I was doing an internet search to see if I could find the post I did where I pointed out why I didn't like it, I came across a blog reference with the same name as the new Republican State Rep from District 6:
It is about Him.

....For myself, I realized what a change I could have in my marriage if I approached my husband in such a way as well. Ester spent hours thinking about King Xerxes and learning about his likes and dislikes. She prayed for him and that her heart would be filled with love for him. She allowed her mind to focus on becoming physically attracted to him and studying his work and interests so that she might intelligently discuss issues and offer solutions for him...

Posted by Kristi Noem at
Read the entire post here.

I thought.... Nahh, it couldn't be. But upon further investigation, apparently Kristi is a regular contributor to the Everyday Woman weblog/website. According to the about the website information:
Welcome to the Everyday Woman Community blog, a place to share and connect with other women. This blog is simply an online conversation among friends.

Barbara Cerullo and Becky Henderson are a mother-daughter team—and best friends—who want to help women find the extraordinary in everyday life. They do that through their TV show, Everyday Woman, as well as the Everyday Woman Community, a way to meet women and help each other laugh, pray, reach out, and walk daily with God.

Read that here. I'm not intending anything positive or negative with regards to her authorship, but with her writing a column as a sitting Republican legislator, it is worth noting.

As someone who has worked with candidates for years, I've found myself starting to warn candidates to be very, very wary of prior works. This past election, I did a internet search of a candidate who was going to run, and the first things I said as the candidacy was being explored was "Kill that My Space page - NOW."

It's probably why I'll never make a good candidate. I have a ton of things in print, especially on the internet. Some of it brash. Some of it bawdy. And most of it could be used out of the context I intended it.

So when a legislator takes it upon themselves to start writing an on-line journal, with thought and quotes, it's worth noticing. Because the other side will most certainly notice it as well.


Anonymous said…
Nothing like a legislator talking about her personal grooming:


Anonymous said…
To Noem is to love him.
Anonymous said…
From http://www.everydaywomanblog.tv/2007/03/am_i_the_only_one_having_this_1.html

"Yes, yes...I have money and yes I've spent some of it foolishly

(although those big black hairs on my chin NEEDED to be zapped by that laser for the safety of those around me!).

Our true nourishment comes from the Lord and it lasts eternally. Freely offered, but we need to partake to get true nourishment."

Anonymous said…
looks like she doesn't write every post...such as the one you quote.
Anonymous said…
1:37 - her name is on the cached version. She must be changing her name on stuff, but the cache doesn't lie:
Anonymous said…
She must be changing her posts to being authored by "Everyday Woman" as fast as possible.

But if you have any doubt who it is, post such as the one below are pretty indicative.

Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Let me guess... these peevish posts were made by dumpy old Dems, who happen to be female. For those of you who don't know Kristi, she's the good looking brunette in PP's banner up on top, just to the right of Brian Dreyer.
Several of us had a little informal polling contest to determine the "hotties" of this year's House of Representatives and Kristi was judged the hottest female in Pierre!!! The males were tougher - Brian Dreyer, David Lust, Dan Ahlers, Russ Olson and David Novstrup were all close contenders.

p.s. She's one heck of a basketball player too!
Anonymous said…
Did not know 'good looking' was a criteria for solid politico
Anonymous said…
good looking and a heck of a basketball player. Good enough for me. I'm voting for her. Politicaly,she's way past the right of Gengas Kahn and Attlia the Hun, but you said good looking, right?
Anonymous said…

She'd have more money if she would get out the tweezers.
Anonymous said…
This post is disgusting! Have you people nothing better to do with your time? You people are pathetic! Leave her alone and get a life!
Anonymous said…
Brain donor.
Anonymous said…
Born again freak!
Anonymous said…
She sounds like a very intelligent woman. The neandrathal who said umder a previous post that she couldn't put meaningful words together in a sentence better start eating crow!

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