Argus Leader rejects Jerstad, picks Earley. The end is near.

In it's editorial this morning, the Argus Leader endorsed Bill Earley over Sandy Jerstad in the District 12 Senate race. What's with all the big love here?:
State Sen. Bill Earley has served in the Legislature since 1999, and he's
been a leader. That shows in his activities outside the Legislature, too,
serving as president of Habitat for Humanity, the Sioux Empire Housing
Partnership and the Sioux Falls Community Development Corp., as well as chairman
of the South Dakota Housing Development Authority.We do not want to lose his
experience and commitment.

Earley needs to be re-elected to the state Senate to represent District

Earley's opponent in the race, Sandy Jerstad, is smart and articulate. She
would make a good legislator. It is unfortunate she is running against

Read it all here. The Argus supporting a conservative Republican over one of the darlings of the SDDP? I'm not sure, but I think that's the sign of an impending apocalypse. It's all right here in Revelations.....

Speaking of Argus endorsements, they went into their criteria a bit in the jumble which remains their website. (You can't find the above endorsement anywhere but on their main page). Here are a couple things they say their endorsements are not:
Reflections of any certain political affiliation or philosophy. When we're
finished endorsing in all races this year, our ballot will be roughly half
Republican and half Democrat. That's not unusual in any election year.

Designed to wield influence. A friend recently asked me what our track
record was over the years - how many of our endorsees actually had won their
elections. I had no idea. When I did a rough calculation of our slugging
percentage, so to speak, it wasn't too impressive. That's not really the goal,

(Read that here) Endorsements are not designed to wield influence?

Suuure they're not.


Anonymous said…
Okay so now that Argus endorses the right candidate??? So all of you are also voting for Billion right?

If you have read the "Endorsement" it is pretty pitiful. Like McCain endorsing Bush at the RNC Convention in ‘04
Anonymous said…
The Argus likes Early because he likes to create controversy and make uninformed comments.
Anonymous said…
If my memory serves me correctly, didn't the Argus endorse Daschle for the same reason. It obviously didn't work out so well for him. It is to early to declare Earley the victor.
Anonymous said…
Oh you Dems--GROW UP--type something worth reading---

So the Argus makes ONE good decision for the whole election season--cry me a river, build me a bridge--and GET OVER IT!

No one trusts or believes the Argus anymore anyway--Everyone knows that when they put Dave--the Democrat--Kranz in a position which requires "objectivity" that they had no intention of printing the truth or being objective about anything in the election process!
Anonymous said…
Jerstad is the same kind of liberal like Hiedeprim and Turbak...they all are supported by the Hildebrand machine and Daschle hacks....It's all the same desperate people doing this, which the hacks at the Argus Leader know very well, but they never connect the dots
Anonymous said…
As much as people like Sibby love to call the Argus a "liberal newspaper," they almost always lean towards to the right. Know why? Because we live in South Dakota, a generally conservative state and they write for the audience.

So continue shouting "liberal media" and other bullying tactics all you want. The Argus is already on your side.
Anonymous said…
anon 4:54pm

Your head is REALLY in the sand!

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