Here's a campaign approach I never want to see again. The Chain E-Mail

Lord, please forgive the judicial candidates for they don't know any better.

Here's a new campaign approach from Kathleen Trandahl for Circuit Judge:

----Original Message-----
From: Kathleen Trandahl []
Sent: Thursday, October 19, 2006 10:05 PM
To: (an unfortunate soul who got this in his in-box - pp)
Subject: Play It Forward...Kathleen Trandahl for Circuit Judge

October 19, 2006

Play It Forward...

Dear Friends:

After being greeted by barking dogs, driving thousands of miles to go door to door and signing hundreds of letters, I have to admit my campaign for re-election as Circuit Court Judge has turned out to be a terrific experience.


I’ve learned from the typical voter they do not want Judges who legislate from the bench and are concerned we keep our rural courthouses open. I agree.


Many voters are surprised but happy they get to re-elect Circuit Court Judges. They are interested to learn I’m not running against Judge Lori Wilbur who is also running for re-election for another Judge position.


I will continue going door to door every spare hour. But I am really counting on the help of friends and those I have met campaigning to win this campaign. Can you help by forwarding this Play It Forward e-letter to five (or more) friends asking them to vote for me whether they are voting Absentee Ballot or on General Election Day November 7? This will be a tremendous help toward victory.

Please check my web site for more information ( Thanks for all your help.

Judge Kathleen Trandahl

Paid for by Re-Elect Judge Trandahl Committee

Bobbi Viedt, Treasurer

709 Wilson

Winner, SD 57580

You know, and I voted for her. I almost wish I could take it back. I'd compare this to a campaign piece which tells me I've won a million dollars if I buy a bunch of magazines, or even closer, to an e-mail telling me where I can buy viagra from overseas doctors.

Ugh. People dislike getting chain e-mails telling them that if "they don't forward the message, Jesus will kill a puppy" bad enough. Now it's a system for distributing political mail?

Don't. Just don't.


Anonymous said…
Forget this race, why haven't you posted on the blogmore piece about Lance Russell avoiding the judicial forum? Linda Lea is a hack but Terri Williams is a Republican, is she out to get him too? Is paranoia a trait you want in a judge?

By the way, PP, you still would have to vote for Trandahl and not matter how stupid this email chain was.
Anonymous said…

I haven't checked this with the latest revision of the ballot laws.

But it used to be that someone who had voted absentee could still go to the polls and vote. Their previous absentee ballot would then not be counted.

So if you really mean it, you can probably still change your mind.
Anonymous said…
Trandahl may not be a good campaigner. She wasn't selected for her ability to campaign. She was selected for her ability to do her job; judge legal cases fairly and impartially. (I don't even know her.) My point is, popularly electing judges is a recipe for disastor. The most popular person is not always going to be the most qualified, impartial judge. This election process also allows political factions to finance and promote their own candidate for judge. That may be acceptable in the legislative branch when one person equals one vote but in the judicial branch, one judge is supposed to base their decision on the law and the facts presented in court. Sometimes judges have to make difficult decisions which are not politically popular. By injecting this election process into the judicial branch, the judge may consider their political and employment future when making a decision. That is inappropriate.

PP- Just think if the pro-choice folks hand-picked their own candidate for judge. They could then challenge the abortion ban in front of a friendly judge who owed them a political favor.

Some speculate that Russell is one of these political plants. He won't even attend a non-partison election forum because the president of an event sponsor is a Democrat. Do you suppose Russell will suddenly become impartial and unbiased if he is elected judge?
Anonymous said…
What's the "watergate" incident w/Russell that's referred to on Blogmore...also, well put 2:27.
Anonymous said…
I disagree. Using email to reach your family and friends to tell them that you endorse a candidate is no different than the personal endorsement letter that has been an important part of most successful campaigns for decades. Every candidate knows that a personal endorsement to friends and family is the most effective campaign tactic. Why is it so offensive to use email instead of snailmail?
Anonymous said…
Different people are offended by different approaches; you are ultra-sensitive about this whereas -- to help someone I care about -- I am happy to forward emails to everyone on my list.
Anonymous said…
I agree with you, PP. Here's an even more egregious campaign plan: did you know she has had judges from other parts of the state doing her work for her (at taxpayer expense) since the beginning of September so she can take a couple of months off?

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