PP has a new toy, but Dan Brendtro still won't tell anyone where he's getting his.

I got a new toy tonight. My computer card for watching and recording TV on my computer got here. How did installation and everything go? Let me sum it up in one word.

Sweet. It works slicker than snot.

The best $20 I can remember spending in a long time. As I experiment with it, hopefully you'll be seeing more clips and commericals on the website. Oh, it's the Leadtek "Wintek TV2000XP Deluxe with remote" from newegg.com in case you want one for yourself.

Speaking of spending money on toys, there's someone else out there spending money on neat things like commericals and mailers. Except despite being required to do so, he's not telling people where he got the money to buy them.

Daniel Brendtro of Forward South Dakota just filed his mid-year report with the Secretary of State's office. And to answer the question that's been on the tip of politicos tongues - Who was the big contributor who provided all of their cash?

$56,200 all donated by "The South Dakota Association."

(Click to enlarge any of the pictures)

What? You have got to be kidding me. Who in the hell are they?

The level of financial deception in political action committees has reached a new high this year. Amendment E's filing shenanigans, the Committee for Honest and Open Government (which is neither open, nor honest), and the ever secretive Forward South Dakota.

If this is a measure as supported as they would like us to believe, why won't they disclose who their financial backers are? When we think we might get to open the door on one secret, all we get is the start of another.

Unless they provide full disclosure on who their backers are, I think it's incumbent upon South Dakotans to vote No. If just to teach them a lesson.


Mom said…
pp smoother than silk ----let's keep the language nice! :)

Nice toy--totally smoother than silk!
Anonymous said…
They have a math error, too. Where did the extra $50.00 come from. Looks like one of Stan's slick shell games.
nonnie said…
So much for campaign finance reform!! Why bother when people keep ignoring the law and getting away with it?
Anonymous said…
Two words, indian tribes
Anonymous said…
Blaming the tribes is the easy way out.

Show us a shred of proof the tribes had anything to do with this.

Also didn't the Tribal leaders meet yesterday and decide not to attack video lottery.

I guess they are going to be blamed either way so maybe they should have taken a public stand to get rid of video lottery.

Instead the Tribes took the high road.
Anonymous said…
Two words, indian tribes
Anonymous said…
Four words: It's the Indian Tribes
Anonymous said…
three words "Go Indian Tribes!"
Anonymous said…
Nonnie is right....and the press are SNORING AGAIN. the guy files a report and wont tell where he got the $56,000....and the press are NOT pressing him for answers?>

whats that about? yo, argus, knock knock, are you in there?

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