I'm on NPR Tomorrow. Maybe.

Tim Gebhart of A Progressive on the Priarie and I are supposedly going to be on National Public Radio tomorrow morning on the topic of Amendment E:
In South Dakota, anyone who objects to how his court case was handled may soon be able to complain to a grand jury. Voters will decide if the legal protections for judges and juries should be eliminated. The "Jail four Judges" amendment, Wednesday on Morning Edition.
We appeared on it as two people from divergent political views who came together to fight the amendment. If anyone happens to catch it - I'd owe you big if you could tape it for me. (I bet there'd even be a SDWC t-shirt in it for you)


PP said…
Bonnie, I though you weren't reading me anymore.

So, your comment can go away as rambling nonsense from California.
Haggs said…
PP, you might be on NPR? Very cool, congrats!

I think they archive interviews and stories they do on their website. So that might be a good place to look for it.
PP said…

You probably won't hear me much. Tim was on his "A" game that morning, and I was pretty nervous.
Anonymous said…
PP, I don't think you can withdraw from the ballot at this time.
Anonymous said…
PP -

May I request a thread on the SDPB Congressional Debate tonight?

I'd like to see what other people thought. I was suprised that Larry R. (Libertarian Cand.) seemed more informed than the Republican candidate.

Please consider my request.

Douglas said…
Heard it this morning. NPR sure made the amendment sound like the tool of the devil.

Noticed however that while NPR identified PP and Tim as bloggers who disagree on just about everything, they neglected to mention that PP is a master grade a number 1 Republican operative and Tim G. is a lawyer.

There are lawyers around who are not making public statements because of the bar and court positions on the issue who are also convinced that there are rotten judges, prosecutors out to make a name for themselves, and clueless juries led astray by judges and prosecutors.

Whatever, the amendment sounds too draconian and possibly loaded with unintented? consequences to actually be good even as a "message sender".
Haggs said…
You can listen to the interview here:

Anonymous said…
pp, thought you did a nice job, too.

"Rule of the Mob" is a good phrase.

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