Stephanie Herseth: Spice Girl in training?

If any of you remember the disturbing period during the 1990's when the Spice Girls ran rampant, you too will cringe when you read this blurb about Stephanie Herseth using the same slogan that they did as they pranced across Europe talking about Girl Power:

U.S. Rep. Stephanie Herseth will address high school girls about the importance of “girl power” in careers Saturday at South Dakota State University.

Herseth will give opening remarks at the “Ready SET (Science Engineering & Technology) - You Go Girl!” workshop given by the College of Engineering and Women in Technology.
Read it here.

Let's just hope she doesn't start asking us to "tell her what we want. What we really, really want"


Anonymous said…
Whoops. She did it again.
Anonymous said…
She's not Scary Spice, PP.
anneme said…
So she wants to help to motivate girls and you are going to make fun of her. I am proud to know that our Representative is helping out young girls through this workshop.
Anonymous said…
I completely agree with the above commentor. More power to Stephanie for taking time to encourage more young women to enter science/mathematics based fields.
VJ said…
Well, I'm 90% negative on Herseth. But the other 10% of me says give credit where credit is due and it's due here!

Taking the time to inspire young girls to "go girl" is fine with me. I’ve seen way too much “whoa girl” in my lifetime.

Just think, one of those young girls she is talking to just might be our Republican Governor or Republican President some day! And I could really care less who inspired her to greatness!
Anonymous said…
this naseating "cute" girl crap is getting to be too much....please pass the barf bag
Anonymous said…
I guess she is speaking because of her vast experience as a woman in the science fields? I thought for sure The Princess would be hunting on Saturday, you know, being such an avid hunter and all. If the Republicans had a good candidate to run against her phoniness they could do well
VJ said…
11:32 posted: "If the Republicans had a good candidate..."

How true. How true. But why didn't we? Our Republican Party is THE party in South Dakota.

Why didn't we field a better candidate to run against Herseth?

You don't mean to tell me that after Herseth defeated us the last go around that there isn't any good Republicans left to run against her again?

Oh, I just remembered, we are biding our time until Governor Rounds is ready.

Well, Governor Rounds would make a good U.S. Representative or Senator no doubt about it.

I know it's all about the "big picture". But I want our Party to fight every battle now and not with just token resistance.

We talk Whalen into running and then don't go all out supporting him because we are preparing for the next battle, not this one.

Just like they say in sports, you play one game at a time. It's hard to reach the Super Bowl when you can't win the game your playing today.

It's obvious that we haven't gone all out in supporting Whalen. So just whey did we even ask him to run?

I don’t want us to be like the Democrats. They stick any odd ball names in to run for State offices just to have the slots filled. That's their game not ours!
Mimi said…
We can get better candidates if we bring our focus back to real issues that matter to the moderate majority. Stephanie is successful because she is a moderate. In any other state, she would be a Republican. We've moved too far to the radical fringe.
Anonymous said…
mimi, Republicans in other states are usually not pro-abortion & pro-gay marriage.
Anonymous said…
VERY VERY Turbakesque! Why do the liberals insist upon drawing lines based on race, gender, etc?

Any idea which group she'll be pandering to next weekend?
Anonymous said…
It's pretty bad when you have to take Herseth to task for something as mundane as this. Must mean that you can't find much to criticize her about. Mr. Whalen may be a nice man but he is not much of a candidate for Congress.
Cindy said…
Stephanie and other liberals get away with the affirmative action/discrimination/"girl power" baloney WAY TOO much. What if the Republicans promoted "man power" or "white power" or whatever? They'd be crucified. But somehow when Princess Stephanie does it it's "cute." What is "girl power" anyway? Don't all these studies show that boys are the one falling behind because of decades of feminization of the classroom and favoritism toward girls and trying to take and "manliness" or "toughness" out of the curriculum. Phony liberal quota queens like Stephanie "The Princess" Herseth are exactly what is wrong with America today. By the way, even though Herseth demanded Speaker Hastert resign over "page-gate" she completely looks the other way when a "page-gate" impacts a South Dakota Democrat.
Joan said…
Why should Stephanie comment on the Sutton situation? She is a United States representative, and the Sutton situation is a state problem for state legislators to deal with. Party lines have nothing to do with it.

And kudos to vj, who is capable of rising above politics to give credit where credit is due.
Girls need all the encouragement they can get.
It has nothing to do with Spice Girls, being cute or anything else. To imply that it does is sexist. Please take time to think before you do something like that again, pp.
sal said…
the biggest thing that Stephanie has going for her is that the Argus Leader is her personal propaganda sheet and Peter Harriman her chief publicist
Anonymous said…

we have a word for moderate Republicans in South Dakota. They are called Democrats.

Tom Daschle was beat by a rock solid Conservative. How do you explain that? I can he got caught talking liberal in DC and moderate in South Dakota and Thune called him on it.

For instance, is it moderate of Stephi to take campaign contributions from cut and run John Murtha and Emily's list? Of course not. Is it moderate to let 14 year olds cross state lines to have an abortion while that same 14 year old would have to get permission in school to take an aspirin? Is it moderate for Stephi to have voted against federal tax deductibility for south Dakotans, an issue that deeply hurts middle class taxpayers? Is is moderate to prevent offshore drilling so that we can become less dependent on foreign oil thereby making it more expensive for farmers to fill up their combines?

The so called moderate majority are the same ones who voted for Mike Rounds and John Thune and a majority of very conservative state legislators.
Mimi said…
Good-anon 4:24. Talking about real issues now. I agree. But on the abortion thing--why do we have to be so extreme. Why not include guaranteed access to birth control. Don't take away my pills--don't take away my guns--stay out of my life!
Anonymous said…
To those who are having heart attacks above.

I suggest you examine the source of the naming of the event and of the publicity surrounding it. I think you'll find (not that you really care) that all that comes from SDSU, not from Representative Herseth.

So take a deep breath.

Then examine for a moment the event held today at DSU where Mayor Mike announced a half-baked scheme to win votes from those of us who wish our kids would come back to South Dakota. Problem is, there aren't any jobs here for most of them. If you want to earn 12.00 an hour, you can probably find a job here. However, if you expect to earn $50.00 per hour, you better look elsewhere. That is the reason you left after all.
nonnie said…
Mimi, who doesn't have access to birth control now? That's not the issue. The issue dividing SD'ans now is after a human life is created, not before.
Joan said…
Anon 4:24 - What some people consider liberal in South Dakota is considered moderate on the coasts. So among her peers in Congress, Stephanie is very moderate. It's just a matter of perspective.

And when it comes to talking about politicians, show me one who has not waffled at one time or another. Sen. Thune, who hitched onto George W.'s tail to get elected, is a good example when he publicly states that Republicans need to distance themselves from President Bush this election year.

Of course the finest example of Thune's waffling is when he states that he would prefer that HB1215 have an exception** for rape and incest victims. Then, after his conservative constituency threatens to never vote for him again, he comes out and says he would prefer that there be an exception** but he will vote for it anyway. Right....

Until the day comes when all votes are made public, anyone can promise to vote any which way. Who will know the difference?

On the other hand, since a segment of South Dakota seems intent on moving us toward a police state, maybe they will eventually climb into the voting booth with us, just like they are trying to creep into our bedrooms.
It's a good thing that states don't have the only say-so on that matter.

**Wait - Isn't there an exception for rape and incest victims and the health of the mother in HB1215? Not according to Sen. Thune.
Sorry, Leslee.
Anonymous said…
Will someone tell me what Leslee thinks about amendment E...please.
Anonymous said…
I doubt if Leslee thinks much about Amendment E since it has nothing to do with abortion.

I can tell you that retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor spoke out against Amendment E in a Wall Street Journal article. You can find this article at

Anything I've read indicates it is a poorly written piece of legislation that could have far-reaching, unintended consequences because it could make people who serve as jurors or on citizen boards such as school boards vulnerable to being sued for doing their jobs.

I'm voting no, and it has nothing to do with my opinion of Leslee. I don't know how she intends to vote - at least not about Amendment E!
Anonymous said…
Can we have a caption contest with that queen stephi photo?
anneme said…
I love the fact that you guys can't come up with anything better to criticize Representative Herseth about. I also love the fact that you guys call her "Stephi" as if you knew and such. First of all she goes by Stephanie...
So now that I know that if I try to help the youth to start caring about their future now that I am going to be referred to as a spice girl....and for those that referred to Senator Thune and the abortion ban...he is not the only one that admitted that it did not have the rape, incest, and health exceptions that it is also on record that Governor Rounds and the main sponsor of the bill SD Representative Hunt both said this back when it was first passed. Now the Yes for Life peope are claiming that there are exceptions....research it people before you open your mouth because you just make others angry when you make such unsupported arguments.
Start worrying about stuff like the above more than Representative Herseth helping young ladies out...
Anonymous said…
You sound so noble and well grounded in thoughtful discourse...and full of crap.

A blog is not the place for thoughtful well reasoned debate at all times.

You want thoughtful discourse about S.H. answer me this:

Why did Stephi vote against federal/state tax deductiblity, thereby increasing taxes on the middle class? (instead she wimped out and voted for some shell plan offered by the dems b/c they knew the gop sponsored bill would actually pass)

And why did Stephi vote to make it more expensive for farmers to fill their combines this fall when she voted against off shore drilling and then again against anwr drilling? (instead she wimps out again and claims that her support for renewable fuels is all that counts) meanwhile renewable fuels will not have the production capacity to replace petroleum for decades. So know this why would she vote to send more money to Iran and Russia and Venezuala when we can drill for oil in the U.S.?

Tell me why does Stephi vote to send more of our money to Hugo Chavez by preventing off shore drilling?

So I expect to see some thoughtful discourse and defense of the indefensible from the Stephi pit bull crowd on this one.
Anonymous said…
Everyone knows there are no true "exceptions" in the bill for rape and incest and health of the mother. That is not the question. "Options" are specifically mentioned in the bill, such as the "morning after pill" , and the fact that women with health problems can still get appropriate treatment so long as the baby is not intentionally harmed. The life and health of both must be maintained ,except in the very rare case where the woman's life is actually in danger.So quit calling people "liars" and get over it!!
Anonymous said…
Great points, anon 4:04.

Except that Herseth voted FOR offshore drilling -- one of 40 Democrats to do so (

Also, she voted FOR the American Jobs Creation Act which contained the state sales tax deductibility provision -- one of 79 Democrats to do so (

You guys make up complete and total lies about Herseth and spread them anonymously. You cite two issues, and you're lying about her position on both of them.

This kind of stuff makes you guys look PATHETIC!!!
Anonymous said…
What are you doing up so late, just get home fronm the bar?
Anonymous said…
He must have been drinking because he cited a vote from 2004 for the sales tax deduction.

But I'm sorry to get your hopes up partisan Republicans --she voted for it again in 2006. It was part of the trifecta bill that also included a permanent reduction to the estate tax and an increase in the minimum wage. She was one of only 34 Dems to vote for it.

Herseth is certainly not the liberal that the partisans around here really wish she was.

But it is pathetic to see the way people are willing to blatantly lie about her... Must have read it in the wikipedia...
Anonymous said…
poliglut said…

People who think like you are PUPPETS of Rove and company. They have very effectively convinced you that these religio-philosophical issues are POLITICAL!

Hey, I'm a Republican, and I happen to believe in what's known as ... (drum roll, please) ...



You're subscribing to GARBAGE fed by manipulators.

FOR GOD'S SAKE ... let's take our Party back.

Let's deal with - ahem - POLITICS.
Anonymous said…
I, too, have been puzzled as to why the party that is supposed to believe in limited government thinks it is okay for government to make personal decisions for women. Our nation and our world is in turmoil, but a segment of our population think it is more important to barge into people's bedrooms.
It's time for moderate Republicans to speak out and rescue their party from the radical right.
VJ said…
Post 4:04 PM said: "A blog is not the place for thoughtful well reasoned debate at all times."

I thank you for that comment. I now feel a lot better about some of my posts! lol

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