Just a quick roundup on the Sutton affair from the blogosphere.

Here's what some of the blogosphere has been saying about Dan Sutton.

(BTW, No relation to the Community Foundation' s Pierre's Bob Sutton. I hear his phone has been ringing off the hook asking about his brother. No. It's not Duane Sutton. It's Dan)
SDP Says If Dan Sutton is innocent, there will be hell to pay.

SoDa Politics says the Argus got it wrong.

Tod Epp comments that if he were in charge of KSFY as he was back in the day, there'd be no release of names.

Mt. Blogmore starts a discussion thread on Sutton fighting back

Radioactive Chief is saying he wants to wait and see.

Chad at CCK wants to know who knew what when, but with that being said, why in the hell did Sutton run again knowing he was under investigation.

Joel Rosenthal is saying "It's all political. It's all political." I don't agree, I don't agree

The James Lipton of the SD Blogosphere, David Newquist is noting that "Bloggers in South Dakota are having a suckfest telling each other how great it is that blogs broke the news on a legislative groping allegation.." Okay Dave, we get your sense of superiority.

Sibby says when the alleged sin involves a South Dakota Democrat, Don Carr changes his tune.
Time for bed.


johnnie w. said…
I think Jason Heppler at the South Dakota Politics blog is a quality cut-and-paster.

Any original thoughts from this kid??
Todd Epp said…
No, Sibby is the top blogger with sissors and glue. His Rush Limbaugh cut and pastes have a certain country charm to them, sort of a nativism not found outside obscure pockets of the upper midwest. He is the Pearl S. Buck of Limbaughian cut and paste postings.
Anonymous said…
Suckfest!? Hitting below thw belt!?
johnnie w. said…
I know it's pretty close Todd. The top blogger with the scissors and glue has to be Heppler though. One blogger (CCK) actually think Heppler takes orders from higher-ups to do the cut-and-paste finese he's capable of. In Sibby's "Search for the Truth" I have seen a few original thoughts from time to time.

PP, any chance we could vote on this in South Dakota Blogland.
David Newquist said…
Okay, PP, if Heaven exists, What would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

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