Grassroot SD Democrats. Restoring civility to South Dakota politics.

(Big Hat tip to Poliglut)

I see that the Grassroots South Dakota Democrats are doing their part to restore civility to South Dakota politics with this billboard at about 41st and Louise in Sioux Falls.


nonnie said…
This is what I'd expect from a third grader! Lisa Engels, whoever she is, must be proud to have her name on this!
Anonymous said…
Everyone needs to know that this is the work of Rich Engels wife. Rich Engels is running for District 9 House. I think this is a great example of how low the Dems will go. Very disappointing Rich!

Pretty Pathetic!!!
Anonymous said…
Very stupid campaign move Rich!
Anonymous said…
If the Republicans had done this, there would be no end to the whining by the Dems/liberals and their disingenuous "where is the civil discourse" mantra. But as the folks in the prior comments point out, it really makes the Dems look like cr**. Which is great.
Anonymous said…
the chicken isn't smiling, otherwise, this would have been fine.
Anonymous said…
Oh lighten up Francis . . . er, "Psycho". That billboard's a riot.
Anonymous said…
I understand Rich is a lawyer and a self proclaimed member of "mensa". You would think he'd be smart enough to advise his wife not to be part of something like this. Especially during his own campaign.
This is in very poor taste.
He certainly will not be getting my vote.
Todd Epp said…
I think it is funny but not effective. There is too much subtext. I think the comparison regards Rounds' failure to debate Billion on several occassions. But did I laugh my butt off when I saw it in Sioux Falls? You bet. I'm waiting for the video version where Mike does "The Chicken Dance." That will be a hoot.

Grassroots SD is willing to take chances on its messaging. Sometimes they hit, sometimes they don't.

And BTW, Lisa Engels is a wonderful person with excellent people and organizational skills. She should run for public office some day.
Anonymous said…
I think this a hoot!! I also think, as a Republican, it's too bad that it's also true.
PP said…
Anon 7:11 - it's off topic, and deleted.
Anonymous said…
It's funny! What campaign was it where a guy in a chicken outfit showed up? That too was funny!

There is a blogger on Mount Blogmore that is trying to get Todd Epp to show up with "Old Yeller" at one of Round's campaign stops! That's funny!

Relax! With all the hatred that is being spewed on the National level, this is minor....and funny!
Anonymous said…
I'm sick of the liberal hypocrisy. Herseth is the chicken. Rounds and Billion have debated 5 TIMES NOW and I see there are at least 2 more scheduled in the next two weeks. By the time this election is over, Rounds will have debated Billion more than twice as many times as Herseth debates Whalen.
Anonymous said…
When I saw this billboard I immediately thought it should of been Herseth on the sign, because of unwillingness to debate Whalen. But noone can touch the "ice princess."
I hope this gal does run for office someday...this Lisa Engels...wonder what animal she will represent in office? South Dakota has a long memory when it comes to these kinds of things!
Anonymous said…
You Libs are such hipocrites. This isn't funny. It's immature and ignorant. You don't know how to win, so you just attack. This Lisa Engels must have no class what-so-ever!
PP said…
Yes, Anonymous 7:47, as you call out people to "be a man" while writing anonymously, please find yourself deleted. Again.
Anonymous said…
Todd Epp,
"excellent people skills"??? Give me a break!!! Anyone who could do something like this to another person is just plain ignorant and we don't need mean spirited, ignorant people running for office!
Anonymous said…
Well, if "Old Yeller" and "chicken man" showed up at Herseth's campaign stops, I'd laugh at that too! Because it's funny!

8:45 PM called Herseth "ice princess"! Now that IS funny! But I really don't know what type of funny character would work for the "ice princess"! Any suggestions?

One time when I was running for city council my opponent put up some posters of me WITHOUT ANY EARS! She claimed that I wouldn't listen to the public! I took some of the posters down, autographed them, and then handed them to anyone that wanted them as election souvenirs. We all laughed about it.

I told the media that “of course I listen to the people”, but I also said that, even though my opponent didn’t have the slightest idea as to what she was talking about, I gave her credit for being creative!

So instead of my supporters being mad about the poster, everyone laughed about it! I don’t think that was what my opponent expected! The “earless” poster got a lot of good press for me. I won the election, but I don’t think it was because of this poster!

Relax, it’s all politics. Sit back and enjoy it! Laugh a little bit. It’s not going to hurt any of us!
Anonymous said…
Ooh, PP falls for the ad hominem fallacy. Falls hard.

It's hypocritcal to sensationalize your Senate rumor then criticize others for sensationalizing it.

It's uncivil to post what you posted. Far more uncivil than the Rounds/Chicken billboard you've promoted.

Charley House
PP said…
Charley, I wasn't sensationalizing any part of it. I was just reporting it's existence.
Anonymous said…
Funny, I thought the Chicken Board was about Rounds' spineless caving to the Christian Right in signing HB1215.

And then not having the guts to stand by his own signature ("It's not my bill.")

Guess I was wrong.
Anonymous said…
I see a few problems with this billboard:

1 - I have had more people say to me "Why does Rounds equal a roosteer?"

2 - Assuming one makes the "chicken" connection, the billboard never explains WHY he is a chicken - it is the functional equivalent at sticking out one's tongue.

3 - Assuming you have the courage (or stupidity) to slow way down on Louise so you can read the disclaimer, and assuming you go home and look up the Grassroots' website, what you find is that Rounds is supposedly "chicken" because he called off the KEVN forum with Billion because the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture came to the state to see the drought devastation. Say what you want about the value of this visit, but it would be pretty poor for the Governor to be a no-show.

AND - Rounds has debated Billion several times and will be doing a couple more - I think something like seven or eight. It is insane to say that he is afraid to debate.

Anyway, someone wasted their money.
Anonymous said…
Who is this Charley House guy? Hmmmm...change one letter & you've got a cramp. Charley, are you a cramp going under a pseudonym?
Pseudonym said…
Anon 11:30 - What is a roosteer?
A rooster is a male chicken.
A steer is a neutered male bovine.
So is a roosteer a neutered male chicken?
Roosteer = male chicken who can't do his job because he's been neutered.
Rounds = Roosteer?
Works for me.
Anonymous said…
Anon 12:34 - Way to totally miss the point of the post by focusing on a typing error. But you make the point well - that billboard is so open to interpretation that it doesn't convey any message at all.
Anonymous said…
Anon 2:14 - You need to lighten up if you can't find any humor in that.
Chris Madsen said…
Just for the record, I think Todd Epp and I agree on something-- that sign is funny as hell. Immature and ineffective, but funny. I wonder if the grassroots crowd has some more money they can waste on some more amusement.
Anonymous said…
Silly me, I thought it was Rounds = Cock.
Anonymous said…
oh you mean like donkey = a$$

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