Zucker Anti-Dem ad. Pretty funny stuff

I think this is pretty funny, although it's also pretty far fetched. At this point, it's hit viral video status.


Anonymous said…
Maybe "W" finally learned a lesson.

Utilzing Secretary Rice and diplomacy instaed of Secretary Rumsfeld and air strikes seems to have worked pretty well in North Korea.

I'm sure it was Hard for Bush and Cheney to do this.

North Korea, after all had proven they had weapons of Mass Destruction.

Still waiting for those WMDs in Iraq.
Anonymous said…
This is part of the reason democrats are going to take over in November. Republicans are out of issues. I keep waiting for the flag burning gay abortionists commericial.
Anonymous said…
Who's Zucker?
Anonymous said…
Zucker is the guy who was behind comedy classics such as "Airplane!". He produced this ad, hoping it would be used by the GOP - but no candidate will use it. It is damn funny though!

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